Write Your Sales Page in Half the Time

Write Your Sales Page in Half the Time

The #1 struggle I hear from my audience when it comes to creating a sales page is the act of writing your sales page.

I hear things like…

I don’t know what to say…
I don’t know where to start…
I don’t know how long it needs to be…
And so on…

And you stay stuck in overwhelm for way too long when you could have already had your sales page done and ready to launch with the right tools and mindset.

So today, I want to help you take the next step.

I’m going to share 3 tips that will help you write your sales page in HALF the time it would normally take.

Because I want you to finish your sales page as quickly as you can so you can get your offer out into the world and start making money from it.

And you can’t do that if you’re sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike so you can finally write your sales page.

But first, I have something super exciting to announce.

I am hosting a brand new FREE live training next week called “Sales Pages that SELL” and in it, I’m sharing my best copy & design tips to help you create a high-converting sales page for your online course.

I’ve never shared the information in this training with my audience before, so I’m so excited for you to hear it and learn so much from it.

Alright, let’s dive in.

Tip #1: Take time to flesh out the details of your offer

This tip alone can save you multiple hours.

Half of your sales page is a story, the other half are details.

By sitting down and polishing the details before you start writing your sales page, you’ve already done half the work.

Details like: the results your customers will experience, why you created the product, how your offer is organized, and the different features included in your offer.

Then, your job is to arrange those details in a way so they flow down the page and create a story that coaches your reader into buying your offer.

I’m going to share 5 of 10 questions that I recommend you get clear on before you write your sales page.

5 questions to ask before you write your sales page:

  1. What is the most important result that someone will get from using this product?
  2. Why did you create this product?
  3. What is your dream customer’s biggest frustration?
  4. How is your offer organized? Does it come in modules? Phases? Steps? Outline the structure of your offer.
  5. For each of the parts you outlined above, what are the features that make up the part?

Want access to all 10 questions? Grab your free cheat sheet here sheet of the 10 questions you should ask yourself before you write your sales page.

Keep that cheat sheet handy anytime you go to create a new offer or want to refresh your existing offers. It helps to just get the details out of your head and onto paper.

Tip #2: Get on the phone with past customers

There’s a process that great copywriters use when writing sales pages for their clients.

And it usually starts with getting on the phone with their client’s customers.

And the reason they do this is 2-fold.

First off, it gives them a chance to hear directly from the customer about their experience inside the course, their biggest results and how they were feeling before they bought.

Secondly, it basically writes the sales page for them.

You can take your conversations with your customers and use it to sell your course by formatting their stories in a way that guides your readers towards the sale.

Instead of just telling your readers how you can get them results, SHOW them by using your customers as an example of what they can achieve.

Who better to sell your course than someone who has already bought it, right?

Tip #3: Start in the middle

Most people start writing their sales page from the very top, which is easily the hardest section of your sales page to write.

I don’t know about you, but when I have to write something… a sales page, an email, a blog post, and I know it’s going to take a lot of brain power, I procrastinate.

Well, actually for me it’s more like “procrasti-eating”. Here’s how it typically goes…

I sit down to write my sales page, open up a fresh google doc and….. Nothing. No words are coming to my brain, so I think a little hard and OPE! Found some.

I write a sentence, I’m proud of myself and then I go eat a snack. I come back, sit down, summon the words for another sentence, and then go eat another snack.

One hour later and I finally have a paragraph of my sales page done.

Clearly, this is not the most effective way to write a sales page.

Instead of starting with the hardest section to write, the top section, let’s start with the easiest… the middle!

The middle section of your sales page is where you’re plugging in the details you already know – you’re introducing your course, telling them what it is, what’s included and what to expect.

These are the details you’ve already taken the time to sit down and figure out, so we’re just rearranging them to flow nicely on our sales page.

By staring in the middle, we’re building up the momentum to continue writing our sales page.

Before you know it, you’ll be done writing the bottom section of your sales page and ready to move onto the top section.

But this time, you won’t procrastinate, because by writing the other 2 sections of your sales page, you’ve uncovered so many snippets of copy and details that the words are basically flowing out of your fingertips onto your Google Doc.


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