Stop Blaming Your Sales Page for Your Lack of Sales

Stop Blaming Your Sales Page for Your Lack of Sales

Before you can create a sales page, you have to have an irresistible offer.

Without an irresistible offer, a sales page is going to be just another page on your website that collects dust. No matter how great your sales page sounds and looks, if nobody wants your offer, then the page is going to be completely useless.

Sometimes I find that people assume that their sales page is to blame if they aren’t getting any new customers and clients. But the truth is that by the time someone gets to your sales page, they kind of already know whether or not they want to buy.

That means that the job of your sales page is to show them exactly why your solution is going to be the perfect fit for them, and it’s just going to help them move the needle towards actually purchasing.

In this episode, I’m talking about why you should stop blaming your sales page if you aren’t hitting your goals on your latest offer and giving you a few things that you can take a look at instead.

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • Why your sales page isn’t to blame for your lack of sales
  • The role of your sales page in converting your audience
  • How cold vs. warm traffic affects your conversion rate
  • The importance of nurturing your audience
  • What your customer journey looks like

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Stop Blaming Your Sales Page for Your Lack of Sales

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