December Goals


Is it just me or it is really hard to believe that we’re already in the last month of the year?

Craziness, I tell ya.

The good news is that our apartment is fully decked, Christmas shopping is completely done & now I get to sit back (and by sit back, I mean work my buns off) and enjoy the holiday season! At least there will be pretty snow outside.


Here’s an update on last month’s goals, followed by the new goals for December.


Go through all subscriptions and online software that I no longer need or use and unsubscribe/cancel payment/do whatever I need to do to get rid of it (did this, but could probably do it again)

Finally set up my business budget and attempt to keep track of spending every month (woops!)

Remove the clutter in my office

Focus on my hobbies (I signed up for Molly Jacques’ calligraphy class in January! Can’t wait!)

Start my new workout routine… this Monday. Gotta start on a Monday 😉

Start drinking Shakeology once a day (found out that I don’t really like it)

Launch the Irresistible Offerings self-study workshop (BOOO!!! December is the month… I swear!)

Update my 90-day plan for my biz

Create a Christmas budget (oh, and did I mention? Christmas shopping is DONE!)

Decide on client Christmas gifts (these are currently sitting on my table ready to be wrapped up & sent off!)

Remove all bins/boxes from apartment and put into storage unit

Decorate for Christmas

Start creating my next offering



Finish my BIG GOALS for 2014 (revenue goals, project goals, new secret projects, etc)

Create my 90-day plan for Jan – Mar 2014

Launch Irresistible Offerings self-study workshop (I swear this will happen in December)

Prep PowerPlay 2013 for launch in January (just have a few segments left to write with the live PowerPlay group)

Launch new design portfolio on website

Re-work website pages to reflect all new design services

Remove coaching services from website for the time being

Decide on name for new (secret for now) personal project


What’s on your December Goals list?

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