The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

  • The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit


I ran across a few images this past week that reminded me of how I want to represent my own brand.

This week I’m inspired by:

• Pops of color
• Green, Purple + White
• Sharpies
• Geometric Shapes

top leftrightbottom leftr illustration

This then reminded me of how my style has changed.

The image on the left represents an image that I would have chosen to express myself about a year ago. The image on the right represents an image that I would choose to express me now.

The biggest surprise for me is how my opinion of color has changed. I used to be drawn to a lot of white and black with little color. If there was color, it would be muted. Now, I can’t stop myself from being drawn to more rich & vibrant colors. My rebrand will definitely show this change of heart. I have a very outspoken personality, and I think these colors do a good job of showing that.

Has your style noticeably changed? Or maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but after reading this post you will?! Tell me!