Create your own practice

After deleting three post titles and clicking through to Facebook five times – I’ve finally got something to talk about.

Don’t you hate when that happens?

Writer’s block when you HAVE to write a post?

Because, of course, you waited until last minute to write it.

Now, instead of turning this into a huge waste of time for both you and me – I’ll get to my point.


I have been absolutely consumed in a variety of books lately –

The War of Art, Turning Pro, The $100 Startup, Fascinate, The 4 Hour Work Week – you name it, I read it in the past month.

Each of the books has it’s own unique and inspiring ideas – so unique and inspiring that you think,

“How the hell am I supposed to come up with a crazy, out-of-this-world, revolutionary idea, when all the good ones are already taken?”

Man – life is rough.


Sometimes, as a creative entrepreneur – whether you’re a life coach, copywriter, designer or virtual assistant – separating everyone else’s awesome ideas from your own is extremely difficult.

More often than not (and I speak from experience), you want to piggyback someone else’s idea and put your own spin on it. But, in the end, you’re only going to end up feeling dissatisfied, empty and maybe even a little guilty. Why?

Because, you weren’t using your own unique knowledge to create your own idea. What you created was just a mock version of what somebody else had already done. You just changed the title, the words and a few thoughts.


So, my challenge for you –

Create your own practice.


Create a practice that you pour your heart and soul into.

Choose a topic that is so fascinating to you and research the shit out of it.

Form your own ideas and opinions around this topic.

Write about it. 

Publish it.

Speak about it.


This practice may take a year to perfect – heck, it will probably take like six years.

But, what you’re left with is something completely unique to you, your name, and your business.

Nobody else can take credit for it.

Doesn’t that seem like something worth being patient for?


love & passion,



Guys! It’s in it’s final stages.

Copy is being crafted.

Landing page is going up.

A few other surprises (because I love giving surprises, but not receiving them) are in the works.


And I’m asking for you to join me!

If you haven’t already, sign your little butt up right here to get on a special “I’m super interested in following along on your journey” list.

A special pre-sale event is going to happen for my email list ONLY! And if you’re at the edge of your seat waiting to sign up, you’re not gonna wanna miss this deal. I’m talking at least 50% off the regular price – maybe even more!


I’m extremely excited to be starting this, because it’s come to my attention that

the world is craving honesty.


Good news for you – I absolutely love sharing and I don’t hide from honesty.

I don’t mind talking about money.

I don’t mind talking about my failures.

And who would mind talking about their successes? Come on!


So, if you’re interested – go ahead and sign up here.

I’ll be sending out more details about the pre-sale over the next few days!

Make sure to check your email while you’re stuffing your face with turkey.

Me? I’ll be downing a bottle of wine. I’m sure my father-in-law already has a bottle of Red Moscato waiting for me. Love me the sweet stuff.

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