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Get access to the community, content and coaching to help you take action and build a business you love.

What if I told you that all you needed to do to make more money is to just show up consistently and share valuable content with your audience?

Sounds pretty doable right?!

Of course, there’s more to it than that, but once the foundation is built it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Once you take the time to develop a clear path for your audience to buy your offers, it’s your job to continue creating the content that will captivate them and bring them into your world.

But you might be thinking…

“But Amanda…”

“I don’t have time to create new content every week…”

“I have a full roster of clients I have to work for and little kids at home to take care of…”

“I don’t know what kind of content to create…”

“I feel like I’m just wasting my time because there’s so much free content out there already…”

“It’s scary putting myself out there…”

“I’m overwhelmed with the steps and strategies of growing my audience…”

If you can relate to any of those statements above, then you’re in the right place.​

I also know (because I’ve been there...) that you’d love to not have to work with SO many clients in order to hit your revenue goals each month. Amiright?!

Services are the best way to get started. No doubt about it.

It’s how you perfect your skill and build your unique process.

But there comes a certain point in all successful service businesses, where you have too much work and not enough time.

At that point, you’re faced with two decisions…

  1. Build an agency so you can scale your services
  2. Turn your knowledge into a digital product

And if you’re like me, and have zero desire to build out an agency model, then your best route is to package up your knowledge and create a digital product that you can sell on autopilot.

If you’re in Camp #2, then keep on reading!

(If you’re in Camp #1, then DM and I’ll send you a great rec to help you scale your service business with an agency 😉)

Carving out time to work ON your business basically feels like the solar eclipse at this point...

You have more client work than you can handle (GREAT problem to have, BTW), but you’re on the verge of burnout and you know it’s time for a change.

You’ve spent so much time helping your clients get results that you haven’t had any time to launch your podcast, create that awesome new lead magnet or launch that online course you’ve been thinking about for the past year…

It’s always on the “I’ll get to it one day” list… when you aren’t as busy.

But that day never comes because you have to keep working with clients if you want to top your revenue from last year. 

Trust me, I get it.

When there isn’t an immediate return on the effort you’re spending creating content and connecting with your audience, you can start to feel like it’s all for nothing.

And without a clear plan for how you’re going to use that free content to grow your email list and sell your offers, it basically is all for nothing. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way, and I’m going to show you how.

Imagine turning on your computer each day to...

👉 New sales that came in over the weekend while you were enjoying some much-needed time off with your family

👉 Messages in your DMs from new followers who are a perfect fit for your community

👉 A clear plan of what you need to tackle today, tomorrow and for the next 2 weeks so you can finally reach those goals you’ve been chasing

👉 The clarity to know where you’re headed so you can take action on the most important tasks

You’re just seconds away from access to the training, templates and community you need to help you take action in your business, grow your audience & create more freedom for your life.


A training community for online women entrepreneurs who want to build an audience of raving fans and create irresistible offers that sell on autopilot.

It’s a membership built to help you take the right kind of action in your business every day.

And it’s packed with the training and templates you need to build an online audience, sell your offers and make more money in your business.

Plus, the community support to help you achieve your goals and connect with others who “get it”.

The Club Will Help You To:

Build an online business you love that finally gives you the freedom and lifestyle you crave

Attract the right people to your business – the ones who are willing and able to pay for your help

Finally get to grips with the technical side of building and managing your online business – saving you hours of frustration

Eliminate the guesswork and stop throwing stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks by giving you a step by step roadmap to follow

Tap into the collective knowledge & experience of a community of online business owners and experts who are there to support each other

Become infinitely better at managing your online marketing and content creation on a day to day basis, so that you have way more time and far less stress

What Our Members are Saying...

Meet Amanda...

Consider me your Ghost of Business Future. 

I’ve walked in your shoes. I’ve been exactly where you are.

3 years ago, I was at the height of my business…

✅ I had a full roster of clients and a 3 month waiting list.
✅ I launched my online course and had a 5-figure launch.
✅ I was being asked to be a guest on podcasts, summits and stages.

Everything was going great… or at least I made myself believe that.

The truth is — the inside didn’t look as pretty as the outside.

Inside, I was tired.
I was burnt out.
I was ready to quit.

And I did.

In 2017, I stopped taking on new clients, I stopped selling my online course and I stopped posting on social media.

It took me over a year to fall back in love with my business again. And this time — I was determined to do it differently.

✅ I took my kids from full-time childcare down to just 6 hours a week.
✅ I stopped following other business owners who made me feel less-than.
✅ I fired most of my clients that were draining my energy.
✅ I only do things in a way that feel fun for me and my audience!

And now I want to show you how you can do the same thing when you have an audience who love and support you and want to buy from you.

Each month, you’ll have exclusive access to:


Each month we have a training on a topic specifically designed to help you market your online business… Sales Funnels, Instagram, Facebook Ads, Lead Magnets, Evergreen Webinars & so much more. Plus, I gather up a swipe file for you to see how the top online entrepreneurs are applying the tactic in their business.


Alongside the training, you’ll also receive done-for-you design templates to help you take action and implement the training into your business. Need a webinar registration page for your funnel? I’ve got you covered! Need a lead magnet template for Canva? You got it!


This is your opportunity to get hot seat coaching from me. Come prepared with your most pressing question and be prepared for laser focused advice just for your business.


Each month, we will have some fun challenges inside the Club to help get you outside of your comfort zone, connect with your audience and sell more of your offers. And there will be prizes! 🎁


Each month, we have a peer-led co-working session so you can carve out time on your calendar to work ON your business and apply the training to your business. Put your phone on silent and get ready to take imperfect action!


A private FB group exclusively for CCC members to collaborate, ask questions, network, and problem solve together on a daily basis. Additional prompts, trainings, etc are also held inside the community!

“People in communities are
95% more likely to hit their goals”

Source: The American Society of Training and Development

Growing an online business can feel isolating, lonely and hard as hell.

When you have a bad day in your business (and you will have a bad day in your business), it can feel like you’re the only person in the world feeling all of these emotions right now.

Because, based on everyone’s perfect Instagram feed, surely nobody else has ever experienced this before… right?!

Wrong! We all have bad days in our business, and anything that you’ve experienced in your business, someone else has, too.

The thing is…

Most often, people give up right before they’re about to achieve success.

And I have to believe that it would be much harder for someone to give up if they had a whole tribe of people in their corner cheering them on.

Don’t you think?

That’s why I wanted to not only provide the training and templates to help you take action, but also build a supportive community to help you reach your goals.

Welcome to your new favorite tribe.

Join today for instant access!

Join us with a monthly subscription or yearly enrollment:




  • No contract or commitment
  • Access to Past and Future Trainings
  • LIVE Monthly Training with Amanda
  • Monthly Template & Swipe File Bundle
  • Monthly Co-Working Session
  • LIVE Monthly Coaching Call
  • Monthly Marketing Challenge




  • No contract or commitment
  • Access to Past and Future Trainings
  • LIVE Monthly Training with Amanda
  • Monthly Template & Swipe File Bundle
  • Monthly Co-Working Session
  • LIVE Monthly Coaching Call
  • Monthly Marketing Challenge
  • BONUS: 2 Months Free!

"I joined The Connect & Convert Club with such high expectations and right away, in going through the framework, I was elated to discover that Amanda was delivering on everything I wanted and then some. Amanda's structure helped me finally get clarity on which niche I need to be serving and how to lure those people in with a lead magnet that delivered a clear win. Everything inside CCC is structured beautifully and the bonus templates are an added-plus to an already incredible membership site. This is the best decision I've made for my business in a long time. Thank you, Amanda, for early breakthroughs and more to come."

- Christina Johns

Who is The Connect & Convert Club for?

The Connect & Convert Club is perfect for female entrepreneurs wanting to create consistent $5k months, who want to scale their current offerings or add on a passive income offering such as a digital product, course, membership, or group program.

If you’re excited to stop playing small so that you can make a bigger impact and you want to create more time freedom for yourself, your family and your life, then this is the place for you!

Is this really going to help me grow my business?

The sole purpose of me creating this community is to help you grow your business, so the short answer is YES.

A better answer is that I’ll be providing the training to help you grow your business, but I don’t stop there. I’m also going to be creating done-for-you templates related to the monthly training to help you actually take action and implement the training into your business. 

For example, we’ll be covering Lead Magnets one month, so the monthly training will focus on how to create the perfect lead magnet for the start of your sales funnel. And then I’ll provide you with a template for Canva so you can easily create a gorgeous lead magnet. And to top it off – I’m also curating a swipe file of other lead magnets so you can see what’s currently working for other online business owners.

Is there a schedule for the monthly content?

There is! Each month includes 3 deliverables (one dropping each week):

  • Week 1: Monthly training, templates & swipe file bundle
  • Week 2: Monthly marketing challenge
  • Week 3: Monthly group coaching call
  • Week 4: Catch-up time to implement this month’s training

How long do I have to stay in The Club?

As long as you would like!  1 month, 12 months, 100 months… Unlike many other memberships, which require a 12 month commitment, I don’t believe in holding anyone hostage if they aren’t getting value from the community. I only want you here if you WANT to be here, which is why  you can cancel at anytime. 

How often will Amanda be interacting inside the community?

I will be the community answering questions weekly and will host a live Q&A/Coaching Call each month.  As anyone who has been in this kind of community with me in the past knows, I am an open book and happy to help however I can!

When can I join The Connect & Convert Club?

The doors for founding members officially open on August 27th and we’ll begin this amazing community starting in September!

Join the waiting list to get an early invitation

Is the Club right for you?

✅ Do you want to make more money each month?

✅ Do you want to work less and create more freedom in your business?

✅ Do you want to stop playing small?

✅ Do you love hands-on, tactical trainings?

✅ Are you ready to take fast, imperfect action to make things happen?

If you answered “YES” to any of those then you’re 100% the right fit for the Connect & Convert Club!

Join today for instant access!

Join us with a monthly subscription or yearly enrollment:




  • No contract or commitment
  • Access to Past and Future Trainings
  • LIVE Monthly Training with Amanda
  • Monthly Template & Swipe File Bundle
  • Monthly Co-Working Session
  • LIVE Monthly Coaching Call
  • Monthly Marketing Challenge




  • No contract or commitment
  • Access to Past and Future Trainings
  • LIVE Monthly Training with Amanda
  • Monthly Template & Swipe File Bundle
  • Monthly Co-Working Session
  • LIVE Monthly Coaching Call
  • Monthly Marketing Challenge
  • BONUS: 2 Months Free!



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