Why I’m Closing the Doors on a Successful Evergreen Course

Today you’re getting a full-on behind-the-scenes look into the evolution of my evergreen course, Irresistible Sales Pages, and why I’ve decided to temporarily close it’s virtual doors.

But first, a little backstory…

I launched Irresistible Sales Pages back in August 2015. Seems like a lifetime ago.

I ran it as a live virtual course the first time around, mostly so I could get real-time feedback from the first round of students.

Then we closed the doors and re-opened them again in January 2016 as an evergreen course.

I had full intentions of turning the program into an evergreen course, because it easily falls into the category of “just-in-time learning”, so I wanted to make sure the course was available when people needed it.

I built out an evergreen sales funnel around it, ran Facebook ads to it and most of the process was completely automated. I made almost double the amount of revenue on the evergreen course that I did during the first round of the live version. Considering that I put very little effort into marketing it, I consider that a win. 

So far we’ve had over 125 students go through the program and it’s been so fun to see what they create using the lessons and templates inside of the course. Next week I’m going to be sharing a showcase of what some of my students have created and launched as a result of joining Irresistible Sales Pages.

Here’s the problem…

After 1.5 years, I’ll be closing the doors on Irresistible Sales Pages for a couple of months. 

Here’s why…

01. I want to update the course structure and focus

After lots of feedback from students, I’ve decided to update the current structure of Irresistible Sales Pages to be more focused on the science of turning browsers into buyers.

Everyone is begging for more of the why and how to hook readers into buying their offer, so I’ll be teaching more on the copy and design decisions that go into creating high-converting sales pages. #givethepeoplewhattheywant

But don’t worry, the design templates and tutorials aren’t going anywhere. In fact, I’m going to be adding some new templates to the course as bonuses.

Instead of the course focusing on using OptimizePress to build your sales page, however, my goal is to create templates that you can use without needing to purchase a third-party tool. I’m still figuring out exactly how I’m going to do that, but it will be done!

If you want to check out the current templates available for sale, go here: http://bit.ly/ispshop. Psst… jump to the bottom to find out how you can get some of these templates for free!

02. I’m debating on changing the name of the course

Have you ever tried to type out “irresistible” in your Google search bar? If you have, then there’s a 90% chance you spelled it wrong.

Even my own team has a hard time spelling the word, and they have lots of practice.

I’m still thinking if I want to go through all the hassle of updating the course name, but right now this is definitely something I’m considering.

03. The price will be going up

When I re-launch the program, the price will be going up to $247, with a 3-part payment plan option. This is a for-sure decided on thing.

So many of my current students have told me that the templates alone are worth the price of the course. Plus, with the new updates and focus of the program, I know my students will earn back every penny of their investment, plus some.

Before I pull Irresistible Sales Pages off the virtual shelves for a while, I wanted to give everyone a chance to get in on the program at the current price of $197.

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