The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

  • The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

5 super helpful links for creatives on email marketing

I’ve been finding so many awesome articles around the web I want to share with everyone, so I’m going to start a new weekly/maybe bi-weekly column on the blog with a roundup of helpful posts for creative entrepreneurs. I also hope it will be a great way to introduce you to people I know, follow and […]
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5 podcasts I’m loving right now

Podcasts are awesome for a few reasons: Can listen in the background while you’re working Makes you feel like you have coworkers again (if you work from home) You learn a ton in a short period of time   Podcasts have quickly become one of my favorite things.   Here are 5 podcasts I’m loving […]
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An alternative to Infusionsoft for small (but mighty) creative businesses

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’re aware that I’ve had my fair testing of different mailing list softwares. More specifically – Mailchimp, Aweber and Infusionsoft. (Another post more directed at the differences between Mailchimp and Aweber coming soon). Most recently, you’ve probably heard of the many issues I’ve had with Infusionsoft and my […]
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Soundbite Sunday / 01

Alert. Alert! New series… It’s short, simple & sweet.  It’s Soundbite Sundays. A new quote and Pin-worthy image every Sunday. Read it, share it & remember it. But most of all, enjoy, my friends!  
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By popular demand : Facebook Page Design 101

I’m currently huddled in an apartment in Lower Manhattan with two amazing girls, hiding out from Hurricane Sandy. I still can’t believe that I managed to be in New York for my first time during a damn hurricane! My luck. I’d really appreciate any love and prayers sent this way for everyone on the East […]
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Using Pinterest for Your Design Business

Since I shared on Tuesday how I was moving away from looking like a mini Pinterest site to a more informative and business-empowering site, I wanted to talk about how I would share inspiration with my clients and readers. I think it’s important that potential clients get a sense of my personal style before they […]
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Happy Tuesday! I’m changing things up around here… no more Pinterest-wannabe-posts. You’re only going to be getting valuable information from now on. If you want to check out things that inspire me, head over here. This is going to turn into a place for me to share information, advice, and how-tos on running a creative […]
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I just loved the mix of simplicity and bold in these cards. They’ve got the edge painting that gives a very simple design a little extra something. Source
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I ran across a few images this past week that reminded me of how I want to represent my own brand. This week I’m inspired by: • Pops of color • Green, Purple + White • Sharpies • Geometric Shapes top left – right – bottom left – r illustration This then reminded me of […]
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