The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

  • The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

Are you making it easy for people to hire you?

Are there tumbleweeds rolling across your services page? Are your products moving like molasses off your digital shelf? A lot of clients come to me because their products and services aren’t selling. They are usually very experienced and have the skills to perform the service, but nobody seems to be emailing or purchasing. This can […]...
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What are you really selling?

You probably think you’re selling an online course on how to incorporate healthier eating habits into your life. Or you probably think you’re teaching people how to write their own website copy. Or maybe… you think you’re selling an ebook on how to find more clients. I can confidently tell you that what you think […]...
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Don’t learn from your mistakes. Learn from your successes.

  I’m sure every single one of you has heard the term, “Learn from your mistakes”. This statement strokes me the wrong way.   First off, what can we possibly learn if we’ve failed? Just what NOT to do – but we aren’t going to learn what we should be doing instead, because we aren’t […]...
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What your rates say about your brand & your clients.

This is a lesson that most designers/photographers/coaches/creative types learn the hard way after about 6 months (hopefully not more) of charging bare bone pricing and working night and day. No more of that! In my new free mini-guide, The Top 5 Things Most Creative Solopreneurs are Doing Wrong, I talk about rates and how most […]...
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