The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

  • The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

My 8-Step Process for Writing Sales Copy that Converts

  A powerful (and highly-converting) sales page is made up of two important things: 1. Copy 2. Design Your copy is how you tell the story of what you’re selling. The design is how you organize that story and make it easy for your readers to understand (also: a direct reflection of how your readers […]...
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5 Ways Your Sales Page is Costing You Sales

Do you want to make more sales from your digital programs this year? I’m sure the answer was an enthusiastic yes, so let’s, take a look at your existing sales page and answer this question… Is your sales page helping or hurting your sales?? If you want more sales, but your sales page leaves a […]...
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The #1 thing you should invest in when you’re building your own membership site

You’re launching an online course — you’ve spent hours upon hours on writing the content, designing your own sales page, promoting, posting, emailing and connecting with potential customers… Up to this point, you’ve managed to DIY everything and the only big investment you’ve made is your time. Now it’s time to create your membership site […]...
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Do this before you organize your course content

“How should I organize my course?” This is one of the most frequent questions I get. My first piece of advice is: Don’t. I don’t mean “Not ever!” just…”Not yet.” Many of the clients who come to me, come right at this stage – the “Can you help me organize this?” stage. And they usually […]...
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5 Myths (you probably believe) About Creating Digital Programs

If you haven’t created a digital product or online course before, you probably have a few thoughts rolling around in your head about why now isn’t the right time for you to create one. Besides resistance, these are the five biggest myths I’ve found that hold people back from creating their first digital product and […]...
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