Should you build your sales page on your current website or on a separate domain?

Should you build your sales page on your current website or on a separate domain?

The decisions us entrepreneurs have to make when doing anything in our businesses just keep adding up, don’t they.

Besides the long list of things we need to do in order to create a new digital product, we also have to think about the minute decisions, like where to build your sales page… on your main domain or a new domain?

Before we get into this question (that I actually get asked a ton!), let’s talk about what I’m referring to when I use the term “sales pages”.

A sales page, as I refer to it, is….

  • a one page site with no outside links, headers or footers
  • used to sell an online product or program like an e-Course, mastermind group, retreats, etc.

What I’m not referring to is the Work With Me page on your website that lists all of your services.

Now that we have that settled, let’s get into the reasoning behind the two options you have –

Build your sales page on the current domain you use for you main website OR build your sales page on a new/separate domain.

Although, there is no better option (it really does depend on what you prefer and how your website is currently set up), I’m just going to be totally up-front and transparent here that I’m on Team Separate Domain for a few reasons.

But before I dive into all the reasons why I prefer that option, let’s talk about the first option…


When to build your sales page on your current website:

There are a few times you can get away with doing it this way (and when I actually recommend it)

  • If you are designing the sales page yourself and want it to mostly look like your current website (same fonts and colors),
  • AND your website has a “landing page” template or “blank page” template.

I know most StudioPress themes have the landing page template and Divi has a blank page template, so it will work great if you’re using one of those frameworks.

Or, you could use one of my favorite tools, OptimizePress, and install their plugin, which allows you to create sales page using their framework and not have it mess with the other theme you’re using on your website (warning: it’s not compatible to work nicely with ALL themes, so make sure you do a backup of your site before installing the plugin).

The important thing is to make sure you can remove all headers and footers.

This is a good option for you when you’re first beginning and testing an idea to see if it will work.

Remember — you can always upgrade down the line, once you’ve launched your idea and have gotten great feedback. Maybe then you’ll be ready for the next option.


When to build your sales page on a separate domain:

I usually recommend to all of my clients that they purchase a new domain for their sales pages.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • you’re able to get much more custom with the design, so if you’re hiring a designer for your sales page, chances are they will require you to purchase a separate domain
  • it allows you to create a premium brand for this offer
  • it establishes the offer as a high-end standalone offer that you can easily link to from your main website

If you’re taking the DIY route and designing your own sales pages, here are a few tools I recommend:

  • OptimizePress – has an awesome variety of templates to choose from to get you started and uses a Drag and Drop Live Editor so you can quickly build your page.
  • LeadPages – they just started coming out with some great sales page templates. Not as customizable as OptimizePress, but it works great for a lower-priced offer when you’re just getting started
  • Divi – Has a landing page template and easy Drag and Drop editor so you can quickly build your sales page.

Want to get a jump start on your sales page?

Grab my brand new FREE guide – The Sales Page Starter Guide – to learn what you need to include on your sales page to make it your most profitable page!

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