I’m guessing most small business owners at some point in their lives have been questioned about how realistic they are, so I wanted to touch on the subject of being realistic versus dreaming big.

This topic is pretty close to my heart, because I feel that as a creative person, I’m often criticized for not being realistic. I am a big dreamer, I do have a lot of ideas and I am determined to do something that fulfills my life and makes me extremely happy. Is that really asking too much? Most people close to me will say, “That’s life” when referring to crappy jobs, horrible salaries and working crazy hours at a job they dislike. I don’t believe that’s “life”, and I think that only YOU can change that situation and make it better.

I recently read a post by Erika on people thinking she was “Lucky“, and I saw this quote from this post:

DREAMING BIG vs. BEING REALISTIC. (Happy People) don’t really care about being realistic. They love and dare to dream big, they always listen to their heart and intuition and the greatness of their accomplishments scares many of us.

I believe in this quote, but I’m not saying that there aren’t times when you SHOULD be realistic. In order to run a successful small business, there are times when you need to look at your current situation/life/problems and make adjustments. However, I think that 99% of small businesses ARE successful because they take risks, dream big and don’t let their fears get in their way.

Also, back to Erika’s post, being successful isn’t because someone got lucky (most of the time), it’s from them working very hard at what they do, everyday!

With big dreams comes hard work, so if you want to dream big, be prepared to work even harder!

Are you discouraged by reality or have you been put in a position where you’re afraid to dream big? I’d love to hear what you think!

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