7 ways to grow your email list

1. Create an opt-in freebie

I’m not sure how many times I’ve preached this, but this is the #1 (hence the reason I put it first) way to grow your email list.

If you want people to sign up to your email list JUST because you’re telling them you’ll send them free weekly tips on ____________, you’re going to be growing your email list at snail’s pace (unless, of course, you’re Marie Forleo or something. In which case, you can do whatever the hell you want and this post would be totally useless to you, because you’d be well on your way to millions of subscribers).


2. Host a webinar/teleseminar

Choose a topic that you can spend about 1 hour talking about, something really juicy that your target market is dying to learn more about, choose a good date & time, and BAM! Put up a page for people to sign up.

I like to use LeadPages as my landing page where people can sign up. LeadPages connects to GoToWebinar and a lot of mailing list providers, so I’m sure it integrates with yours.

You can also hold a teleseminar via Instant Teleseminar and once someone signs up (via the LeadPages page), you send them their call-in details in the “welcome” email.

I like how Erika from DailyWhip does this. She hosts a sometimes-monthly free group coaching call called the Biz Whip Line. Free coaching & loads of value in exchange for a name and email address.




3. Run a giveaway

You could use a program like Rafflecopter to run a giveaway from your Facebook page or website.

Rafflecopter connects to Mailchimp, Aweber and Constant Contact.

Other options include: GroSocial, Woobox and  ShortStack.


4. Run a 30-day challenge

Or, whatever set amount of time.

Offer to hold people accountable to something they’ve been trying to do and you’ll likely have a lot of interest.

Check out Nathalie Lussier’s 30-day List Building Challenge to see how she did it (and also get more list-building tips).




5. Host a free week-long workshop

Offer to give a whole workshop away for free and you’re bound to have a massive amount of sign ups. Use Amber McCue’s Clone Camp as an example. After running the week-long virtual camp twice, she nearly doubled her list. Amazing!

She used Facebook to bring everyone together, and even posted the daily videos and exercises in there. Yay for simplicity.

Amber McCue's Clone Camp



6. Launch a new program

There’s nothing like a launch to build your email list. Especially if you’re providing mass amounts of value before you ask anyone to pay. Think: free video training series, free workbooks, free eBook & more. Use the lead generation offering to collect interest and keep people in your circle for the long-run.


7. Be a guest contributor

Whether you’re doing a guest post for a blog or being a guest speaker for a telesummit, there’s always an opportunity to get people on your list.

If you’re going to spend the time creating content or writing a speech, let’s make it 100% worth it, okay?

At the end of the guest post or on your guest speaker page, instead of giving them a link back to your website (where they’re free to do whatever they please), lead them to a landing page with a clear CTA (call-to-action). For example, I could lead my guest posts back to this page (which I do when the content/topic is in alignment).



Got any other ideas on how you can build your email list? Ready to try one of these out? Leave a comment below and tell me which one! 

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  2. 26 Years & Counting

    I’m just about to launch a list and had no idea how to get people to sign up – thanks for the tips, I’ve got ideas swirling now 🙂

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