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No Designer? No Problem. 6 Tips for DIYing Your Sales Page


As a designer, I know first hand exactly how much goes into creating a custom sales page. The truth is that not everyone can afford to have a designer create their sales page, especially when you’re just starting out.

When I was just starting out and it was time to launch a new product, I was always extremely grateful that I was a designer as it saved me a lot of money and frustration when it came to getting my idea out into the world.

But what’s a girl to do when you’re not a designer and you’re not at the point where you can hire someone? You learn how to design your own!

In fact, how to design your own sales pages is one of the BIGGEST questions I get from my community, so I wanted to share a few power tips with you today to help you make sure your sales pages look pro even if you’re DIYing.


Here are 6 power tips for DIYing your sales pages:

1. Create a consistent color palette

1. Create a consistent color palette

The colors on your sales page set the tone for the reader. Every color is associated with a different emotion, so you want to ensure that you’re using colors that help you reinforce your brand’s tone and manner, and the message for your sales page.

Plus, if you’ve already got your main brand established, you want to ensure that your sales page’s color palette is in line with the colors in your overall brand.  If you want to change it up a bit use complementary colors or a slightly lighter or darker tone of an existing brand color.

If you’re starting fresh, use tools like Adobe’s Color Wheel or Paletton to find a color palette that works well together and speaks to your product and brand’s style.


2. Create a simple wordmark logo or buy a pre-made logo from a design shop.

MarketingSchool-Logo-FINAL_1 light

When it comes to your logo, it needs to be clear and professional so that it’s noticeable and stands out but doesn’t distract you from what really matters. Your logo shouldn’t be the main attraction on your sales page.

I’ve seen one too many cases of logos gone wrong on a sales page.  A poor logo makes a terrible first impression especially if it’s screaming for attention with crazy fonts and bright colors. The logo then becomes what your visitor is focused on and it’s all they can think about when they’re reading your page, which is NOT what you want them to be thinking about!

You can easily create simple wordmark logos using a free tool like Canva, or you could even buy a premade logo from somewhere like Dear Miss Modern or Creative Market. The possibilities are endless, so there’s really no excuse for a crappy logo.


3. Invest in professional headshots

3. Invest in professional headshotsPictures can make or break your sales page.

I speak from experience that professional headshots and photos make designing a sales page like 100 times easier. (Maybe a 1000 times easier, but who’s counting?)

Not only do you need pictures of yourself on your sales page for the trust factor alone, but these images are great to use for row background photos that you can overlay with text. If you’re not going to invest in a your sales page design, do invest in having at least a few pro photos of yourself done so you can avoid cropping your tipsy BFF out of the photo from the last wedding you were at. That’s not the kind of impression you want to make.


4. Use non-stocky stock photos


A sales page with no photos whatsoever can start to look a little dry, so humanize your page with some awesome stock photos.

And not the type of stock photos where there’s a group of employees sitting around a conference table with stuffy suits and fake smiles. Please, please, please not that kind!

You want to use the kind of stock photo that your dream customers can relate with. Photos that they can actually see themselves in. Ones that help you tell a story and are in line with the vibe of your brand.

My favorite lifestyle and business stock photo site is hands down Stocksy. They have so many great options!  They may seem a bit more on the expensive side, but if you’re DIYing your sales page, this is a great place to invest a little money so you don’t have a sales page that’s either boring or looks like everyone else’s. You want your sales page to be memorable and non-stocky stock photos can go a long way to making that happen.


5. Create your own custom icons and graphics

5. Create your own custom icons and graphicsIt’s the small things that make a huge difference.

Instead of opting for the horrendous green or red icons that come with most sales page software like OptimizePress, create your own with a free tool like Canva.  It’s way easier than you think and will help you ensure your sales page is cohesive and consistent.

I included a bonus tutorial inside of the Irresistible Sales Pages Bonus Library showing you how to design your own custom icons for your sales page using Canva.


6. Use a pre-built sales page template

6. Use a pre-built sales page template

When you created the first website for your business, you most likely used a theme. It made the process a lot easier than building your site from scratch. The same goes for sales pages.

Why spend a ton of time trying to build it from the ground up when you can use a template and customize it with your colors, fonts and content? When it comes to sales page templates, my go-to is OptimizePress. This can be run as either a theme on your site (if your sales page has it’s own domain) or as a plug-in on your existing site.

OptimizePress features a drag and drop type builder for your page so it makes it easy to customize their templates. (But pro tip, in Irresistible Sales Pages, I’m including custom designed templates just for participants! Details are below!)

Creating a pro sales page can mean the difference between selling a little or a lot of your product or service when it comes time to launch. Even if you’re DIYing you can have a sales page that sends the right message and makes you look good in the process.

Want to get a jump start on your sales page?

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