6 Simple Steps to Grow Your Email List FAST

Feeling lost and confused on how to start growing your email list? Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!

In this video, I’m sharing the 6 simple steps you can start applying today to grow your email list fast.



Step 1: Create a lead magnet that attracts your ideal customers

A lead magnet is a downloadable piece of content that you give away in exchange for an email address.

Some examples of lead magnets would be checklists, roadmaps, templates, swipe files and so on!

Check out this post to see a whole list of lead magnet ideas.

A few tips for creating a lead magnet that works:

  • Make it short and sweet
  • Teach them something that gets them a quick win
  • Make sure it relates to your core offer


Step 2: Create free weekly content in the form of video, podcast episodes or blog posts

A few tips for sharing your free weekly content:

  • Consistency is key here – post your free weekly content on the same day and time each week so your audience starts to mentally bookmark it and expect it
  • Stick to one platform – don’t publish a YouTube video one week and then post a podcast episode the next. Choose one platform and go all in.
  • No matter what type of content you decide to create, make sure you send all of your social media and email list traffic to your blog so that you can track and retarget your readers with Facebook ads in the future


Step 3: Promote your lead magnet within your free weekly content

Every piece of free content you publish should have a call to action, which in this case is going to either be your lead magnet OR a topic specific content upgrade that you create specifically for that post.


Step 4: Send your free content to your email subscribers every week

Even though these people are already on your email list, this step is all about nurturing them to keep them on your email list


Step 5: Share your free weekly content on social media channels and on your website

A few tips for sharing on social:

  • Share your content in different ways to reach different types of people
  • Post a clip of your podcast episode to drive more traffic
  • Show a glimpse of your new YouTube video to get people hooked and wanting to see more
  • Try out Instagram stories, the newsfeed, go live on your Facebook page
  • Encourage your readers to share your content. This is how you reach outside of your network and grow more audience


Step 6: Leverage your website and social media channels to direct traffic to your lead magnet


  • I recommend using your website to promote one main lead magnet and include multiple calls to action throughout your site to capture readers where they are
  • For social, I recommend sharing your lead magnet at least once a week on each of your social media channels
  • A couple of ideas…
  • For Instagram Stories, create a series of graphics you post asking your readers questions and encourage them to interact like using the polling or questions features
  • For Instagram newsfeed, instead of sharing a blatant photo of your lead magnet, choose a photo that blends in with your feed so it doesn’t look like a clear advertisement.
  • For your Facebook group, include a link to your lead magnet in your about section, group description, your pinned post and any weekly prompts you post.





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