6 reasons why your signature offering should have a brand of it’s own


This is Part 1 of a series on branding your signature offering.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to take you, step-by-step, through the branding process I use for mine and my client’s new signature offerings.

These signature offerings can be in the form of online products, programs, courses and 1:1 services. Examples include: high-end services, mastermind groups, eCourses, eBooks, live events,  workshops, conferences and retreats.

I’ll help you decide if your new signature offering should have a brand of it’s own, how to create your offering’s brand strategy, tips for designing your offering’s visual brand and how to create a 1-page brand strategy guide for your new offer.

The goal by the end of this series is for you to have a solid brand strategy that you can then take to create and launch your new signature offering, or hand off to a designer or copywriter to make sure everything has a consistent look, feel and tone.

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First, let’s get clear on what I mean by “branding your signature offering”.

You’re probably thinking, “I didn’t realize I needed to create a brand for my signature offering. Isn’t putting up a new page on my website good enough?”.

We all know that we can brand our business, but what about branding a new offering? The truth is, it’s just as important to brand your new offering as it can be to brand your business, because each offering should be solving a very specific problem.

Branding helps to position that offering so it reaches the right people and communicates the right message. [tweet that]

To help you decide whether or not your new offer should be branded separately from your main brand, I put together a list of 6 cases where it should.

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6 reasons why your new offer should have a brand of it’s own:

1. It’s going to become your signature or high-end program.

If you’re creating something beyond the simple 1:1 service offering on your website, you need to get really clear on who this new offer is for and what problem it solves. Crafting a unique brand for your high-end offer allows you to separate it from your main brand target the right people, speak directly to their problem and charge more.


2. It helps position the offer to the right people with a clear message.

Crafting a unique brand for your high-end offer allows you to target the right person with the right message, depending on what problem you’re solving. Let’s say you’re creating a new online course that helps creative entrepreneurs utilize Instagram for their business, but your main website focuses on social media, in general. Branding your Instagram online course helps you draw in people that are looking for Instagram help, specifically.


3. Allows you to branch out into a different niche.

Similar to the point above, branding your signature offering can also help you branch out into a different niche. If your main brand is all about life coaching, but you’ve been blogging for 5+ years and have learned a thing or two and want to share these lessons through an online course about blogging, your online course needs a brand. This allows you to reach a different audience, but still maintain your personal brand.


4. You’ve partnered up with someone else to create this new offer.

When you’re teaming up with another creative to launch a digital product, it’s especially important that you make sure the program has a brand of it’s own so it’s clear that it’s a collaboration.

Example: Be Free, Lance. This online course is a creative collab between designers Bre and Jen. In order for this course to become both of theirs, they created an entirely new brand for it. They’re still able to leverage their existing brands to create leads, but it also allows them to reach more people who may not know about them specifically but are interested in learning how to become freelancers.


5. You have the opportunity to make it all about them.

If your main brand is also your personal brand (i.e. you’re using your own name as your business name), creating a brand for your new signature offering is a great opportunity to make it all about THEM — your dream customers.


6. Helps position you as the expert in this subject.

Think about other online courses and digital products you’ve either seen or purchased. When something is beautifully branded, both strategically and visually, you have more trust that the person who created it knows what they’re talking about, right? I know I do.

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Examples of well-branded offers

Now, let’s look at some examples of high-end offers, online courses and eBooks that have their own branding so you can see why it’s important for you to create one for yours, too.

Marie Forleo’s B-School — Huge online program that many people know about. B-School really has become a beast of an online course, even with only one launch per year (speaking of – the free video training series just launched, so hop over here if you want to check it out). Through the power of branding, Marie was able to create something that stands out amongst so many other online business courses, because it’s clearly targeted, focuses on a specific niche, uses the power of messaging to inspire her ideal customers and is gorgeously designed.

Packaging You — One of my very favorite client projects is another great example of the power of branding. Kate could have very well stuck up another page on her website to sell this online course, but she knew that she wouldn’t be positioning this eCourse as well as she possibly could, if she had done that.

Small Business Bodyguard — What could have been just another eBook or online program was elevated to take on a life of it’s own by developing it’s unique brand. They’ve now expanded into specialty programs for different industries.

A Course About Copy — Nikki launched this online course after her first year of being in business, and she did it right. The name is catchy, it’s clear what it’s all about and it positions her as the expert in writing copy for your business.

Ultimate eCourse Mastermind — Kathryn created this high-end mastermind as a branch off her personal brand, KathrynHocking.com. Keeping this offering separate from her main website and developing the offering’s brand has allowed her to target the right people and charge more for.

All of the offerings above could have very well be placed on the main brand’s website with a boring name and the same general look and feel as everything else. Instead, they gave life to the offering by naming it, positioning it for a specific group of people with a specific problem and developing a visual brand for it outside of the main brand’s image.

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Now that you know WHY your signature offer needs some branding, next week I’m going to show you HOW to create a clear brand strategy for it.

This is going to enable you to work with the right clients and charge what it’s really worth.

Have any specific questions about branding your signature offering?

Pop them in the comments below and I might answer them in an upcoming post.

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I want to hear from you!

Do you have a current offering that you could elevate and turn into your signature offering by creating a brand for it?

Or, do you have a signature offering that you want to share? Pop the link in the comments below so we can all check it out!


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    1. Hi Nat! To that I would say – you choose if it’s your signature offering. If you have something you’re currently offering and you want it to become more of the “thing your known for”, it’s your signature offering. Hope that helps!

  1. I’m working on this RIGHT now, actually! I’m redesigning my website and brand, and realized I need to clean up my services. Great post!

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