5 Things I’m Doing Differently in My Business in 2019

5 Things I'm Doing Differently In My Business in 2019

Now that we are 2 weeks into the new year, I’ve had some time to plan, change the plans and make new plans for 2019!

2018 was a weird year for me. I was kinda/sorta not really IN my business. I was basically doing the bare minimum to keep the doors open while I took a step back to reassess everything.

And surprise, it led me right back to where I was. I guess maybe not a huge surprise…

I LOVE what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I just needed to figure out WHY I was doing it. The reason why I started my business in the first place was 1) because I couldn’t work for anyone else #mywayorthehighway and 2) I knew my husband’s job was going to move us around a lot so I needed to be moveable.

But, when you have kids and move a few times and your life gets a whole lot more crazy, your WHY tends to shift with it and I had never taken the time to sit down and really figure out where the heck I wanted this business to go and what I wanted it to provide for me and my family.

That has become a lot more clear over the past few months, and I’m excited to see what this clarity does for me in 2019.



Before we dive in, let’s talk about my word of the year, since many of these things are centered around my word.

My 2019 Word of the Year: Intentional

Which, to me, means:

  • Being intentional with my time and working on the things that make me happy and move the needle forward on my big goals
  • Being intentional with my resources and choosing tools and trainings that align with my goals
  • Being intentional with my actions every day and making sure I don’t get distracted by the “next big thing”


Knowing that, let’s dive into the 5 things I’m doing differently in 2019…


1. Workflows for #allthethings

My project management has always been a little rough. I’m not a natural born manager of things or people. It’s definitely one of my weak points. I tend to want to just do things when I feel like doing them. Which means, that sometimes all the time things don’t’ get done.

One thing that has helped me in the past, and even over the last couple of weeks, are Workflows for all the things.

I use Asana for all of my internal projects and Dubsado for my client workflows.

Here are a few resources that I have been using:

Instead of trying to remember all of the little pieces that go into making anything happen (a blog post, a new client, an online course, etc), I’m giving everything a workflow.


2. Simplifying #allthethings

Basically, running my business through the #KonMari method. 😉

  • Deleting old forms in ConvertKit
  • Cleaning up outdated sequences
  • Updated my subscriber welcome sequence
  • Deleting old pages from my website
  • Deleting old images from my website
  • Deleting old projects and files from Basecamp

That list could probably go on and on, but I actually haven’t sat down and fully fleshed out all the things we need to clean up. I have already started cleaning up my ConvertKit forms and sequences and Basecamp files, but there’s still so much more to do.

I know that with those things cleaned up and simplified, my brain will feel so much more focused on the important things I need to get done.


3. Showing Up More

Which, for me, means you’ll be seeing a lot more of my face. On Instagram Stories, in my Facebook Group and on my new YouTube Channel that launches next week.

I’ve had an irrational fear of video for some time now, but once I really started to understand that video isn’t going anywhere, I decided to jump on board.

If your business doesn’t have an online video strategy right now, I highly recommend brainstorming some ways to start showing your face more to your community. Video is the fastest way for a stranger to know, like and trust you, and it will speed up your growth. I just wish I had started a few years ago.


4. Less clients & more passive profits

I want my boys to go to school 3 days a week. Right now they are going 4/5 days a week, which is necessary for me to finish all of my client work and get a few spare seconds to work on my own business.

By this summer, I only want them going to school 3 days a week, and in order to do that, I want to take on less client work and supplement that income with more passive profits like online courses, templates, etc.

A few things I have planned over the next 6 months…

1. Opening the doors to my favorite and most popular training, Irresistible Sales Pages

I’m most excited about this, because this course is solid gold if you want to learn how to design your own gorgeous sales pages. I’m mad at myself because I never gave this course the attention it deserved to reach its full potential. I launched it for the first time in September 2016, put it on a very amateur evergreen funnel in 2016 and then did a “last chance” sale on it in January 2017.

I can’t even imagine how many people this course could have helped over the past few years if I would have just sat down and made it my priority, so that’s what I want to do this year.

Before, I’m allowed to launch anything new this year, I will be re-creating the entire core content of Irresistible Sales Pages and re-launching it this spring.

Want to know when we launch? Sign up here to get on the waitlist.

2. Launching my new template shop, Launch in Style

I absolutely love designing sales pages and custom funnels for clients, but I understand that not everyone can afford to hire me. And I don’t want budget to be a hangup for people trying to launch their offers into the world and get more leads and sales.

Which is why I’ve decided to open up an official template shop for all things  sales funnels, sales pages, lead magnets, etc. All of the design resources you need to generate more leads and sales for your business.

I’m so pumped for this project, that I’ve already started designing the templates and everyone on the Launch in Style waitlist already got a sneak peek. You can get one, too, if you sign up here: https://launchinstyle.com/


5. Consistent Content

The holy grail of online business… consistent content.

What does that means for me?

  • Weekly videos on YouTube
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Weekly emails
  • Weekly content in my Facebook group
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Sales and Landing Page Reviews (YouTube and Facebook Group)

I have had some major trouble with consistent content in the past, but I noticed that there was a direct correlation between my $$/growth and the weekly content I was publishing. When I showed up for my community, they showed up for me. It’s that simple (says the girl who just published her first blog post in over a year ).



What about you?

What are you doing differently in 2019 to set your business up for success? Tell me in the comments below and then get to work!



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