5 Proven Ways to Get More People on Your Sales Page and Buying Your Evergreen Programs

5 Proven Ways to Get More People on Your Sales Page and Buying Your Evergreen Programs @ amandagenther.com

You’ve spent hours and hours creating your program. The initial launch went great, people love the content and it’s getting your customers massive results.

So why, OH WHY, have sales suddenly dropped?

If you’re familiar with evergreen programs, I bet you’ve noticed a pattern. Sales are great during the first few weeks of the launch, when it’s brand new and you’re constantly driving traffic to your sales page.

However, after all the excitement dips from those few weeks of launching, sales tend to decline.

This is one of the main reasons some people stay clear of evergreen programs.

But, if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to be doing live launches of your product 1-2 times per year and limit when the cart is open and closed. You’d rather create something and let it be available to purchase whenever your customer needs it.

When I launched Irresistible Sales Pages for the first time in August 2015, I was determined to turn the course into an evergreen program. But I knew it would take a bit of upfront and ongoing work to make sure new people were always be introduced to my program.

In this post, I want to share the exact things I’ve done in order to get new leads and consistent sales from the Irresistible Sales Pages program since it’s been considered an “evergreen” product.

Keep in mind: these ideas are intended for evergreen programs, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use these same strategies for your live products and programs you launch 1-2 times per year.

Alright, let’s dive in!



This is an easy one and something that everyone can start doing immediately. If you’re running an online business that sells evergreen products, you have to be putting out consistent free content in some form or fashion. It could be in the form of a blog, a podcast, an email newsletter, or something else.

No matter how you do it, the idea is the same.

You want to start writing content that relates to your program’s topic and helps get them ready or excited for what they’re going to learn in your program.

Struggling with what content to write?

The easiest way that I’ve been able to wrap my head around WHAT I should write is to think of this free content as the step your ideal customers need to know or do BEFORE they’re ready for your program.

For example, if you have a program all about using Facebook Ads in your business, a few content ideas could be:
  • X Ways Facebook Ads Can Grow Your Business (this content idea gets them familiar with why they would even want to start using Facebook Ads in their business)
  • How to Use Facebook Ads to Sell More of Your Online Course (this content is specific to using Facebook Ads for launching an online course)
  • X Mistakes You May Be Making With Your Facebook Ads and How to Fix It (this content idea is for people who are already using Facebook ads, but their results aren’t as good as they’d like)
For my Irresistible Sales Pages program, here are some of the blog posts I’ve published that tie into what my program is all about:
Now, in order to get people from your free content to your sales page, you have a couple of options:
  1. Share a link directly to your sales page within the content. I only recommend this option for programs priced under $400. Once you get above that price point, purchasing decisions take a little longer and you’ll need to nurture those people before they purchase.
  2. Invite them to opt-in for a lead magnet (or opt-in freebie). This is my favorite option, because it gives you a chance to not only provide additional free content on top of your blog post, podcast or something else, but also to capture their name and email address so you can follow up with them and share more about your program. (More about lead magnets in the next idea!)



Speaking of inviting them to opt-in for your free lead magnet straight from your blog post, let’s talk about how a lead magnet can drastically increase the number of people who visit your sales page.

Just like the free content we talked about creating in the previous idea, your lead magnet is also free, value-packed and covers the information your ideal customers need to know or do BEFORE they are ready for your program.

The content you include in your lead magnet should be something that relates to your blog post or podcast, making it an easy and natural invitation to sign up.

From there, it’s all about the follow-up.

Once someone has signed up for your free lead magnet, it’s super important that you are actually sending them to your program’s sales page to learn more and sign up.

There are two ways to do this (and I recommend doing both):
  1. Include at least one page in your lead magnet that tells them more about your program and invites them to take the next step with you (aka – link to your sales page).
  2. Use your follow up emails to tell them more about your program and link them to your sales page.



A great way to make a larger purchase seem not so large is to add a lower-priced offer in between your free lead magnet and your higher-priced program.

People will spend five times as much each time they purchase, so when you buffer the higher-priced program with a lower-priced introductory offer, you’re more likely to keep them moving through the funnel, taking each new step.

What kind of content should you include in your lower-priced introductory offer?

I recommend thinking about this product as telling them WHAT they need to do, while your higher-priced main program (the one we want more sales from) is teaching them HOW to do something.

A good example of this is introductory offer I have set up in my business for Irresistible Sales Pages.

I created a low-priced workshop that provides the key information people need to know before they are ready to jump in and start designing their own sales pages.

This workshop is priced at only $19 (when you take me up on the fast action offer), so it’s an easy buying decision to make, which allows me to then follow up with those customers to tell them more about Irresistible Sales Pages and send them to the sales page for that program.



One of the quickest ways to get more people on your sales page after you’ve already launched is to retarget your program to people that have already viewed your sales page once, but did not purchase.

The best way to do this is through Facebook ads.

Maybe these people got distracted or weren’t quite ready to sign up when they first landed on your sales page. And then they could have completely forgotten that your program even existed.

The goal here is to get your program back in front of them so they remember!

Run a Facebook retargeting ad to these people that have visited your sales page, to get them back on your sales page again.

Here’s a great article from Social Media Examiner that explains the basics of how to set up a Facebook retargeting ad to your website visitors (in this case, your sales page visitors).



And last, but not least, a little bit of urgency goes a long way with an evergreen program.

Because you don’t have the built-in urgency of your cart closing and not being able to purchase the program until the next time the cart opens, you have to get creative with evergreen programs to create other types of urgency.

Here are a few ideas of how to create natural urgency for your evergreen program, and increase visits to your sales page:
  • Raise the price of your program and run a special “price increase” launch so people know to grab it before the price goes up
  • Host a webinar and offer special webinar-only bonuses to people who sign up right then and there on the webinar
  • Host a joint webinar and offer a special webinar-only bundle of programs between you and someone you trust that has a complementary program to yours
  • Offer limited-time bonuses for enrolling before a certain date and time (to be fair, make sure to give access to this bonus to the people who have already purchased your program)


Implement all of the above ideas to create a powerful sales funnel for your evergreen program.

A sales funnel can act as a sort of “faux” launch for your evergreen program by regularly attracting new people to your sales page every week.

Your sales funnel doesn’t have to be complicated to start (or ever!), but it should always have three things:

  1. Free content
  2. A killer nurture sequence (or follow-up emails)
  3. An upsell into your paid program


Want to get a jump start on your sales page? Grab my brand new FREE guide – The Sales Page Starter Guide – to learn what you need to include on your sales page to make it your most profitable page!

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