3 ways to make more money on your next sale


We all want to make more money, right?

I thought so.

The obvious solution for making more money would be to find new people that want to hire you or buy your eBook. The more, the merrier, right? Sure, but there’s actually an easier and less-salesy (I know I’ve got your attention now) way of making more money.

One of the easiest ways to make more money is to look to the people who have already expressed interest in working with you or are already currently working with you.

Here are three ways that you can make more money from the people already interested in working with you:

1. Offer suggested services on your proposals.

There have been so many times where a client has come to me with a specific project in mind, and thought they knew exactly what services they needed. Then, once I get them on the phone, I realize that they underestimated a few things they’ll need in order to get their project/idea/offering launched. So, I take that opportunity to tell them about a few additional services I can offer to them that would make their lives easier and their goals happen quicker.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of them not knowing what they need, and then other times it’s about them not knowing what you offer/do. Either way, make it your job as the expert to inform them of what they need in order to reach their goal (I.e. Launch their new ecourse, start their business, make 6 figures).

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For example: a client came to me wanting to launch an eCourse. Initially, they were just interested in a sales page design, but after chatting for a bit, I realized they hadn’t thought of a few other pieces they’d be needing for the eCourse. That included: workbook designs, social media promo images, a membership site design and lots of support and coaching to get everything set up on the backend and get it launched.

TIP: Proposal software, like Bidsketch and QuoteRoller (aff), even have ways to add in Optional items to your proposals that clients can either accept or decline when approving the proposal.

2. Offer discounts on your passive products to your 1-on-1 clients.

You’ve already got clients who love working with you, so why not give them some extra perks? They’ll be getting an awesome deal and you’ll be making an extra sale. Set up a special VIP Client Club that has special discounts for each of your passive products. Make it even more customized by offering them discounts on the specific products you feel they could benefit from. You could include the suggested product and special discount codes in your wrap-up report you provide each of your clients.

They’ll feel like you’re truly invested in helping them succeed by providing the personalized suggestions on their next steps.

This could even be something you suggest they take before they work with you one-on-one. Offer them the discount code, as long as they hire you for the 1-on-1 work, first.

3. Flip it around – offer 1-on-1 time at a discounted rate as an upgrade to your passive product.

Got an ecourse? Offer 1 hour of coaching at a discounted rate as the upsell. Some people prefer the mix of DIY and personalized attention. Make it available and someone might take you up on it.


Which one are you going to try first? Let me know in the comments.

And more importantly, have an awesome day!

4 thoughts on “3 ways to make more money on your next sale”

  1. Awesome sugestions Amanda… I’ve tried all three and have had good success with them. #1 resonates as people often don’t really know what they want until they are advised what they need.

    1. Amanda Genther

      That’s so true, Paige! I’ve heard it over & over again, where a client says “Oh, I didn’t even think about that! Yes, I definitely need that!” and BAM! A sale for you 🙂

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