3 Steps to the Perfect Opt-in Freebie Topic


Opt-in freebies, content upgrades and lead magnets have become quite the hot topic lately.

All geared towards building your email list and attracting new leads to your services, programs and courses.

And the first questions asked are – What should my opt-in freebie teach? What kind of content should I give away for free? How do I come up with the perfect opt-in freebie topic?

Most entrepreneurs have multiple opt-in freebies, so don’t think that the topic you choose today is the only one you’ll be able to have.

For example, I currently have over 10 different opt-in freebies available for download on different topics.

So, how did I come up with these topics?

Short story: by working backwards.

But first, let’s talk about what exactly an opt-in freebie is.

An opt-in freebie (also referred to as a lead magnet, content upgrade and some other catchy names) is a piece of free content you create for your readers.

An opt-in freebie is meant to provide them a ton of value for a small exchange.

They are able to access this free content once they “opt-in” for it by entering their name and email address to get access to it.

Why not just give it away for free without requiring them to opt-in?

By collecting their name and email address, you’re able to do a few things:

  • Deliver their download to them
  • Send them other free content around similar topics now that you know what they’re interested in
  • Follow up with them about your paid products and programs that they would find valuable
  • Learn more about your audience (if a ton of people sign up for one opt-in freebie, not the other, you have a clear idea of what topics they’re interested in)

Your opt-in freebie is the first step within your sales funnel, and it’s purpose is to give people a good look at what it’s like to work with you, or join one of your products or programs.

The goal of your opt-in freebie should be to:

  • Give the person a quick win
  • Lead into a paid product or service

Now, let’s talk about how you decide on a topic for your opt-in freebie.

Like I said above, you’re more than likely going to have multiple opt-in freebies available for download, depending on the different topics you talk about in your business. The goal for today is to choose one to work on right now.

Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and get ready to come up with your next opt-in freebie topic!



The first step is to do a massive braindump of every possible thing you could write about that relates to one of the core topics you teach about.

For example, I teach about creating clear offers your customers will love, building sales pages that sell and designing landing pages that convert. All of my opt-in freebies relate to one of those three topics in some way.

Your turn:

  • Write down the core topics you talk about at the top of your paper. I always like to stick to 3 at a time (again, these can change as your business evolves, but I think it’s important to narrow it down to 2-4 main topics).
  • Start brainstorming all of the possible things you could teach that relate to one of those core topics.
Here are some questions and ideas to get the topic ideas flowing:

1. Survey your audience

If you feel a little out of touch with what your audience is looking for, surveying them is a great way to learn more about where they are now and how you can help them.

Once you have your results back, tally up the most common responses and use that brainstorm a list of possible topic ideas.

Want to know what questions I send to my audience before I create a new product or program? I’ve included the question swipe file and link to my survey inside of Lesson 1 of the Sales Page Primer Workshop.

2. Ask your clients and customers

If you want to learn more about what your clients and customers were thinking and needing before they hired you, ask them!

This will give you some good insight into what the first step is before someone is ready to hire you, which is always the perfect opt-in freebie topic.

3. Work backwards from your core offer

Have a product or program for sale? Then, you should definitely have an opt-in freebie that funnels into it.

This is my favorite way to come up with new opt-in freebie topics.

Your opt-in freebie should tell them the WHAT so your paid offer can show them the HOW.

Ask yourself: what do my ideal customers need to know or do before they’re ready for my program?

4. Pull a small piece of content from within your paid offer

This is a great way to use content you’ve already created and offer it up for free. It’s also a great way to funnel people into your paid offer.

Take a lesson, workbook, audio file, video or something else from the beginning or end of your paid offer and offer that as an opt-in freebie.

What this does is either get people prepared for what they’ll learn in your course, while also offering a ton of value (since this is normally something people pay you for) they need to know before they’re ready for the next step.

5. Is there anything you currently have that you can tweak and revise into a fresh, new opt-in offer?

Some valuable things you might have sitting inside your computer files collecting dust: an audio file, a talk outline, a video, a list of recommended resources and top tips or a checklist you’ve used in your own business.

6. What are some questions you get asked a lot around the topics you talk about?

This is a surefire way to come up with a great opt-in freebie topic, because people are already asking you about it.

7. Look back at your most popular blog posts

This will give you a great idea of what topics your audience is most interested in.

Take it one step further and browse through the comments of these posts and pull out questions people are asking you about that topic. Use those questions to build the foundation of your opt-in freebie.


Take a look at your braindump list of ideas and we’re going to try and narrow it down to 2-3 awesome ideas that would be super helpful to your audience RIGHT NOW.

Finding it hard to narrow down to 2-3 ideas? Here’s what I recommend:

  • Think about any new product or programs you’re launching soon (you’ll want to keep topics related to these programs on the list)
  • Take into account your upcoming blog post topics
  • Keep in mind what hot topics are circulating in your industry


Once you have your list down to 2-3 ideas, it’s time to choose the perfect topic you’re going to take action on right now.

How I recommend doing this is running your final ideas through the questions filter.

Look at each topic idea and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does this opt-in topic seamlessly lead into my other products and offers?
  2. Does this topic provide a quick win for my ideal customer?
  3. Does this topic provide immense value for what my ideal customer needs right now?

If you can’t answer YES to any of the questions above, that topic can be placed on the backburner for now.

Still have a couple ideas you can’t decide on?

Now is the time to JUST DECIDE.

Remember, you aren’t stuck to only this opt-in freebie topic. You can create a new lead magnet for every new program you launch, a new content upgrade for every blog post you publish and an opt-in freebie for every core topic you talk about.

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