2 Ways to Combine Your Passions into 1 Business


You: have a few things you LOVE to do, but aren’t sure how they all fit together.

I: specialize in helping creative entrepreneurs find their sweet spot + build a business doing what they love.

I can understand how lonely, confusing + downright awful it feels when you continuously shift from one idea to the next, without ever landing on that one “thing” that people start to associate you with.

I’ve totally been there & I want to help you move past that horrible feeling.


Here are 2 ways to go about combining your passions into 1 business:

1. Combine 2 or more things to create a specific niche

This does NOT mean to offer both of your passions as services at the same time, under 1 business.

This means to choose 1 thing that you love to do, that people will happily pay you for and use the other interest to carve your niche.

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It’s important to be focused in your business, or you will appear to be all over the place. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to drop your other passions in order to focus on one.

Here are a few examples:

Say you’re a photographer who also loves yoga. Instead of offering photography services and yoga services under 1 business, you could focus on becoming known for your yoga photography.

You’re a designer who also loves business coaching. You could create a coaching business that focuses on working with other designers.

We don’t need any more generic business coaches out there in the world. It’s time to get specific and niche down. Use your experience from another business or passion you have to create a place in the online world where you can thrive and become the go-to-expert for.


2. Use one of your skills to support the other

If you know the importance of focusing on one thing at a time, but have a hard time leaving your other passions behind — this is a great route for you.

Let’s say that you’re a designer who wants to shift to health coaching. You can use those design skills to give your health coaching business the edge up by looking like a pro right out of the gate.

Or, if you’re a social media marketer who wants to shift to interior design, you can use those social media skills + experience to get your name out there quicker than others are able to.


The key is to, no matter how you choose to combine your passions into 1 business, make sure that your business is focused and clear about what you do and who you do it for.


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