As a brand stylist, I help you:
  • identify your unique voice and message

  • create a visual representation of you, your personality & what you want to show your dream customers

  • position you as a leader in your industry

  • design a professional website that converts your dream customers into life-long customers

  • create a consistent look that people instantly recognize

  • gain confidence in your own business with a brand new look

  • design your digital program materials that add mass amounts of value to your offerings
As a marketing strategist, I help you:
  • refine your target market & identify your dream customers

  • understand what your target market wants from you

  • identify your sweet spot in business & create products & services that provide a solution

  • develop content strategies that provide mass amounts of value

  • craft launch strategies and sales funnels that bring in consistent revenue

  • refine your business model and revenue streams

  • convert your website visitors into paying customers



01. I want to know … WHY. 

Nothing fascinates me more than understanding why you’re called to do what you do. (If you don’t know why, I can help you find out. If you’ve forgotten why, I can help you remember.). I believe that independent of our past, we can create the future of our dreams, and dependent on our WHY, we can create a thriving and impactful business that feels good.

02. I believe in speed.

It didn’t take me 10 years to step into my Sweet Spot, launch my business, start serving the world, and saving up for a lakeside house. In fact, it took about 6 months. (It doesn’t need to take you an eternity, either.)

03. I have a no BS approach to teaching.

My style is straight to the point, dry and sarcastic (beware) = a deadly combination. Some will take offense, but at the end of the day – I only want what’s best for your business.

04. I’ve got skills to spare.

I hold a degree in marketing & business development, and I’ve worked as a brand & website designer. I get what it takes to pop in our (very crowded) online world. And I’ve always got a refreshing idea (or five) about how to translate your personality into products & services that sell.

05. I want you to live.

It’s true — when you work with me, you’re going to receive a hefty list of marching orders (because I pretty much insist that you succeed.) But I also want to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle – whatever that means to you. For me, it means more freedom to travel, more time with my husband & puppy and a large impact on women around the world to show them that there are alternate options to what we’ve been taught our entire lives.

Because, when it comes right down to it: I’m in the business of freedom.



This one’s important – to me, to you & to those who need not apply.

I’m on a mission to empower every female with an entrepreneur-bone in her body to finally cash in on their dreams and build a business they love. And: even though I’d love to help every female entrepreneur that I encounter, I’ve learned over the past few years, which types of women I can help best.

I work well with:

  • Women who are ready to step up and start playing a bigger game in their business.
  • Creatives who’ve mastered their skill, but need help putting together the business pieces.
  • Most of my design clients are 2nd-stage entrepreneurs (been in business for over 2 years) who know what they have to offer, but need the style to match how much their business has grown since they first got started.
  • Most of my coaching clients are 1st-stage entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in their business’ growth, are searching for their sweet spot & ready to make some amazing things happen in their life.
  • The self-motivated and driven type. No slackers allowed.
  • Creative types – calling all coaches, authors, right-brained folks, idea tanks, brainstormers, photographers, designers & so on.
  • People who can take criticism – don’t worry, I won’t say it unless it needs to be said.


Which one of these describes what you’re looking for?

I’m looking for a designer to help me look like the PRO I am

I can help you create a gorgeous & meaningful brand that has personality and makes you look like a total rockstar in your industry.

Design projects include:

  • full (re)brands for existing businesses
  • eBook & worksheet designs
  • sales page & membership site designs

I like to build ongoing relationships with my clients, so if you’re looking for a designer who’s on your team, I’m your girl.



I want to find more clarity in what I do, who I work with and how I can stand out among every other online business!

If you’re ready to step out from behind the computer and into your sweet spot, I’ve got just the perfect thing for you.

My signature service, the Sweet Spot Sessions, includes a full day of clarity & confidence.

By the end of the day, you’ll know:

  • who you are as a business owner & what you stand for
  • who your perfect clients are & what they want from you
  • how to treat your perfect clients & have a customer experience brief to help you implement
  • what you’re going to offer & how you’re going to make it happen

It really is that good. Just go to the page to see what past clients have said about their experience.



I want you to help me create a crush-worthy customer experience for my perfect clients!

You’re awesome at what you do.

You know that and I know that.

But, do your clients feel that way?

They might love your work, but we want them to also love you. We want them to have the time of their life when they work with you.

Let’s give ‘em something to talk about (and share).

❤ YOUR CLIENTS is a 1-on-1 affair where I help you create a crush-worthy customer experience that makes your clients fall in love with you.



I’m looking for books & self-study courses that will help me learn & implement on my own

I wrote an eBook that documented my entire business throughout 2013 and included so many helpful things for new(ish) entrepreneurs, that you wouldn’t believe it if you saw it. It’s called PowerPlay, and it’s for sale in my shop right now.

I also created a self-study workshop that helps creatives launch a brand new offering into the world, whether it’s a service or product, and make it totally irresistible to the perfect people. It’s call Irresistible Offerings, and it’s also for sale in my shop right now.

Click here to check out all the goods in my shop


I’ve also got a few free resources that you might want to check out.