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So, this is happening…


Image: our 9 week ultrasound

That’s right, ladies & gents.

We’re pregnant.

And contrary to what the photo may show (wardrobe fail on my end), I’m barely showing. Right now it looks like I ate just a tad too much, which is ironic, because I can’t even barely think about food without feeling sick right now.

We’re officially 12 weeks along today.

To say that keeping this a secret for the last couple months was hard, would be a HUGE understatement.

Two things you need to know about me:

  1. I can’t keep secrets.
  2. I’m a horrible liar.

So, in an attempt not to “spill the beans”, I’ve found myself completely detached from my normal online world. This is a huge weight lifted from my shoulders and I can hopefully get back into the swing of things now that everything is out in the open.

We are so excited about this new adventure in our lives & I can’t wait to share more as things progress.

I also can’t wait to share more insight on how I plan to prep for baby & business, so if you have any questions, just leave a comment below!

– Amanda

  • Congrats!

    • Amanda Genther


  • Janessa

    I am beyond excited for you Amanda! What a blessing :) Exciting year for you and your business ahead. I’d love to hear updates all about how you plan for baby+business this year. I wish you the best! *Janessa*

    • Amanda Genther

      Yes, definitely! Thank you so much!

  • Sharon Thompson

    Congratulations!!! Amanda So, Happy for you and your husband!

    • Amanda Genther

      Thank you Sharon!

  • MAJOR CONGRATS!!!! :D <3

    • Amanda Genther

      Thank you!

  • Yay! You’re exactly a week ahead of me–I’m due in August too! :) I’m working on making some ideas for passive income come to life so there’s not a drop in income during maternity leave. I’d love to hear how you’re prepping the business for your time off!

    • Amanda Genther

      Yay! That’s so exciting. Congrats to you, too!! I’ve already got some ideas forming in my head & can’t wait to share with everyone.

  • Woo hoo, huge congrats lady!

  • tinyblueorange

    Wowza! A giant congratulations is in order!

    How exciting for you + the hubby! I am looking forward to peeking in on your journey into becoming wonderful + loving parents. xo

  • BIG congrats to you and your hubby, Amanda! I’m sure you’ll make a great mummy.

  • Zee

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! That’s amazing news. You’re going to make a wonderful mother.

  • Amanda Fleming


  • Oodles of love and zen feelings your way, Amanda! Can’t believe I missed this wonderful news. xoxo