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Happy Tuesday!

I’m changing things up around here… no more Pinterest-wannabe-posts. You’re only going to be getting valuable information from now on. If you want to check out things that inspire me, head over here.

This is going to turn into a place for me to share information, advice, and how-tos on running a creative business, working with designers and developers, and general opinions on living a creative life. If you’re dying to ask me a question and want to see the answer posted here on the blog, send all submissions over here.

I wanted to talk a little today about file sharing sites and how to set them up to share files with your designer. If you have or are going to be working with a designer in the future, you are most likely going to need to send them photos, and lots of them. This can be hectic when trying to send 3 at a time through your email. I recommend two sites, but actually only use one of them. And the one that I use, I use for everything… even to keep my own files hosted so that I can access them from any computer or any place.

2 File Sharing Sites You Should Try

Dropbox – I use this site for practically everything. I keep my own client files on Dropbox so that I can access the files from any computer and so that my assistant designer can access the files from her computer. It works as an internal office server, but much cheaper and I wouldn’t know how to go about setting one of those bad boys up.

Here’s how you use it ::

  1. Sign up for an account – http://db.tt/7Pt6V2gd (affiliate link)
  2. Create a new folder – name it your business name. This is going to be your main folder.
  3. Within your main folder, create additional folders for each page on your website. For portfolio pages, I find it easier when clients create a Portfolio folder, and within that Portfolio folder, they make sub-folders for each of their portfolio categories. For example, a photographer would create this folder structure:
    • Home
    • About
    • Portfolio
      • Lifestyle
      • Weddings
      • Engagements
    • Info
    • Contact
  4. Once you are all finished uploading your images to their folders on Dropbox, it’s time to share the folder. To do this, go to your main folder (the one with your business name) and click on it. Then, at the top of the page, there is a button for sharing. It looks like a little file folder with a rainbow. Click that to share your folder. Type in the email address that your designer uses for Dropbox sharing and invite them to the folder.

Box.com – I’m not as familiar with this one, but I recommend giving it a try if you don’t like the Dropbox format.

  • mau

    We also use http://www.wetransfer.com. It’s excellent and gives you a receipt when the files have been downloaded.

  • Thanks for explaining exactly how you share a dropbox folder. I haven’t needed to do so until just last week and this saves me from having to explore on my own. Great tips!

  • Box is really known in the corporate community. They use it a lot because because of the security. Dropbox is more of a consumer product (especially linking up with Apple). Dropbox gets you 2G of free space and if you refer people you can get more. Box gives you 5G free. If you want to send a large file – you can also use http://www.yousendit.com. 2G free or you can send a file 50MB free. Lots of options out there.

  • Amber

    I really love this idea of your new posts being informative…but I have to admit I really like to see what you did that week on the sneak peaks (maybe I’m just nosey).

    • Amanda Genther

      Yes, those will stay! :)

  • juliet

    yes, yes, and yes! i love the informative posts. i’m a designer at a little stationery shop, but my dream is to do branding as a freelancer or in a small design studio. this type of post both helps and inspires! thanks!