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Nature is the Biggest Inspiration for Amanda Genther Design

Nature is the Biggest Inspiration for Amanda Genther Design

I recently got asked to submit a quote to a publication about what inspires my work, creativity and daily life. I knew this answer right away without any hesitation.

Nature Inspiration

The only inspiration I need. I am in love with green plants (fake, because I can’t keep the real ones alive) and pretty flowers. I could furnish my entire apartment with light pine wood (about 75% of my living room already is). I even prefer more natural elements for everyday products, like recycled kraft envelopes instead of plain white ones.

When I saw the new issue of Sister Mag, I was so happy because they have an entire section dedicated to your Garden and their photos were amazing and full of inspiration for me!

What inspires your work?

  • I love those illustrations, but the type is bothering me some. Still, you’re right, it’s quite lovely! To be honest, I’m not quite sure what inspires me. I know looking at great work by others, regardless of what kind of design it is (from packaging to websites to gardens and interiors) always kind of sparks something within to get creating, but I’m still not so sure I’d call it inspiration? I wonder if that even makes sense!

  • Amanda – I wish i lived closer to you…I’d have your apartment flourishing with plants. i love them too and have used them as a direct and intentional source of decoration for as long as I’ve paid rent/mortgage.

    In fact, my girls laugh at me when they hear me talking to the plants…making sure they are doing ok.

    As you work so diligently on my new site, I’m going to work on a plan to help you transition from the fakeys to the real ones in no time.

  • ahhh yes, nature! one of my constant sources of inspiration. :) Love these photos….and that herb table. how awesome!

  • Dear Amanda, thank you soo much for writing about our new issue. I am really honoured that you liked our magazine and we LOVED the garden section as well. It was a lot of fun to put together.
    What inspires me? I do think I need a mixture of digital inspiration (Pinterest!, Twitter, other designer’s portfolios) but also going out into the world, to galleries and just putting all of this back together.

    Have a lovely day and many greetings from Germany! Yours, Thea // sisterMAG