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Moodboards are back


left brain right brain | leaves 1 | green tara | leaves 2 | leaves 3 | living room
all other client photos by Laurie Wilson Photography

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a client moodboard with you, but since design services are back, MOODBOARDS ARE OFFICIALLY BACK!

This one is for a new client who is a yoga instructor turned yoga teacher trainer turned business coach for professionals looking to run their business “like a yogi”.

She wants something bright, fun, electric and engaging to connect with her perfect clients.

I can’t wait to share more on this brand development as we get further into the process.

For now, though, just something pretty to send you off into your weekend.

  • Laila Atallah

    Oooh! Love it. I’ve always wondered what a mood board looks like, but have yet to Google it. Bet her brand & site will be beaoootiful.

    • Amanda Genther

      @lailaatallah:disqus – they’re pretty great to look at :)

  • Trisha Harner

    Great way to see and feel what your clients desire in how they want their brand to be. This is on so pretty. The colors will be a delight to work with.

    • Amanda Genther

      @trishaharner:disqus – Yes, they will definitely be fun to work with. This is such a crucial step in the entire process!

  • Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your development on her ideas! :)

    • Amanda Genther

      Thanks @karawest:disqus!