Life lately.


As you may have read if you’re on my mailing list, the hubby and I headed North for a quick little “stay-cation”. 2 hours North to be exact (a perfect distance for someone who gets antsy in a car) to a little town called Oscoda. We stayed in a quaint little B&B right off the lake.

That was the view from our room, and a quick pic of Steven before we headed into our rooms to camp out for the night.

When I was packing for the trip, I didn’t realize how much I was going to want to just stay in the room the entire weekend. We ventured out for dinner on Friday night and a little shopping on Saturday, but other than that, we were hunkered down in our bed.


Image Credit: Steve Junquis

Plus, there was an in-room jacuzzi. What more could a girl want? I immediately regretted the fact that I didn’t bring Gilmore Girls along for the trip.

On Saturday night, we decided to order in and rent a couple of movies (have I mentioned how much I love this man??). It was seriously the perfect night.


On other news, we’ve finally removed the boxes and bins from our living room and have startled to settle in to our new apartment.

But, not for too long, because we just got news that Steven got promoted.

Steven’s promotions in this house start off with a happy dance (both of us) and then later turn into an, “Oh shit! Now, where are we moving?”, followed by another happy dance because that means I get to explore a new city and decorate a new place.

Plus, this one comes with a little more happy dancing, because we might ACTUALLY get to start looking at houses since he’ll be in this position for much longer than he usually is.

So I’m enjoying the state of this apartment for the next few months until we officially get placed somewhere.


Oh, and Christmas decorations are up!

I’ve still got a few fall decorations up, but once I can get to the store to grab some 3M strips to hang my twinkly lights on the window, the halls will be officially DECKED!

And, NO, it’s not too early to decorate for Christmas if you’re wondering.

This reminds me, I better start creating this year’s Christmas budget or else I’m going to have a really sad update to my November Goals post.

What have you been up to lately?

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  • christinaj84

    This is awesome on every level! What a beautiful stay-cation retreat and a huge congratulations on your husband’s promotions. I agree promotions are ALWAYS happy dance worthy or in my case, fresh new career starts. Also, huge plus on the Gilmore Girl mention. Loralei Gilmore holds a deep place in my heart.

    • Amanda Genther

      Thanks @christinaj84:disqus! Glad we have a mutual admiration for the Gilmores ;)

  • http://www.thefriendlife.com/ Ashlee Chu

    Stunning and cozy. Looks like the perfect few days together.
    You deserve the getaway, go-getter!

  • Amanda Fleming

    We moved back to PA from MI in August, I had no idea you were in MI! And I know exactly where your staycation was, we leaved in Tawas City, small world! I’m sorry if that was creepy or anything, I just had to share!