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Inspiration Board :: Classic


There isn’t any other word that describes this client to a tee more than ‘classic’ does.

Projects like this make me thankful for what I do, because I couldn’t be more excited about working with Jordan on her new business.

More to come soon, but for now, here’s her project inspiration board to get everything started.

  • This has to be one of my very favorite inspiration boards! Probably because I’m obsessed with anything Kate Spade :) I have a feeling I’m going to love her style when it’s all done…

    • Amanda Genther

      Thanks Joelle! The project is already moving along great and I can’t wait to show everyone the progress!

  • Jordan McBride

    Ahh – so exciting! Putting it on the Internet makes it feel so real. I can’t wait for everything to come together. :)

  • Ooh so pretty! Feels fresh! How exciting, I love starting a new project too.

    • Amanda Genther

      Thanks, Erika! It is the best feeling!

  • This is the perfect type of classic! And since Audrey Hepburn is in this board, I adore it even more!