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Exercise : Creating Your Brand Words

Create Your Brand Words






Those are my brand words. Everything I do will incorporate all three of these feelings. Every book, every workshop, every blog post.

I chose these three words, because that’s how I want to feel and that’s how I want my crew to feel.

I want to feel influential when writing, teaching, speaking – influencing them to create a powerful brands of their own.

I want to create a sense of community in every aspect of my business so nobody feels alone.

I want the content, images, design and videos to feel refreshing – like a breath of fresh air.


Choosing brand words is an important step when creating a brand strategy. I usually pick three, but it’s really about what speaks to you. You might choose to only pick one brand word and spend all of your focus integrating that ONE word into your brand. Say, for example, that your brand word is FUN! That’s a fun one, huh?

Everything you do must incorporate the feeling of FUN. This might mean that you include a link to a fun music video at the end of each of your book modules like Ashley does.

Or, if you run workshops, you could incorporate a dance party into your breaks.

Or, on your website, you could create an interactive widget for visitors that relates back to your business!


Either way – your brand words will help influence your decisions. You want to be sure that you keep things consistent, so that your readers & clients are constantly getting the same message from you every time they interact with your brand.


Let’s create your brand words.


First, start by writing down a list of words that excite you. These can be words that describe how you want to feel or how you want your clients/readers/tribe to feel. 

For me, I want to feel influential and like I’m a part of a community.

For my crew, I want them to feel motivated (influenced) and refreshed by my content & like they’re a part of a community.


Second, narrow your list down to words that really speak to you.

These should be the bare bones words that you are super-excited to incorporate into your business now.

Break out the thesaurus and add a little spice to one of your words.


Third, go to Pinterest, Flickr’s Creative Commons, your magazine pile or iStock and search out images that encompass the meaning of each word.


Fourth, open up Photoshop or another photo editing software to create your brand word images. 

Each of my images is a 1/4 of an 8.5″ x 11″ paper. I just divided my Photoshop canvas into 4 rectangles, added the images and laid text over top, like so:


Create Your Brand Words

Create Your Brand Words

Create Your Brand Words


I printed it on a heavy piece of cardstock, cut to the correct size and hung on my cork board next to my desk so that they’re in plain view everyday!

If you’re grabbing images out of a magazine, just cut the cardstock to your desired size and glue/tape the magazine clipping onto it. Then, you can either handwrite your brand words on top of the images or create on the computer, print and glue.


Your Turn!

In the comments section below:

01. Tell me your brand words

02. Tell me one idea for how you can start infusing one of your words into your brand strategy today!





  • 1. I want my tribe to feel enlightened/ tuned in, I want to feel motivated and challenged, and I want us to be united.

    2. I want to infuse being united by asking more interactive questions in my posts.

    Love your post

    • amandagenther

      Great idea, Jessica!

  • Hi Amanda,

    Great post, really got my thinking and moving forward.

    1. Feminine, organic, effortless

    2. I will clarify the client workflow in a simple diagram to help the client feel the process is effortless.

    Off to print my brand word boards :)


    • amandagenther

      I LOVE the simple diagram idea. Effortless!

  • Hi Amanda!

    This is really helping me focus my intentions and what I want to do going forward!
    1. creative, inspired, southern, elegant
    2. I want to bring each of these words into everything that I do, tutorials, services, projects and products I offer.

    I can’t wait to match these up on my brand mood board!

    • amandagenther

      Those are great words! The ‘southern’ and ‘elegant’ are words that could really set you apart from others in your industry!

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  • What a really great exercise, I am not very creative, but I think I can do this!

  • Fantastic idea, and something that’ll be very valuable for me since I tend to have hyperactive spurts where I rush off in all sorts of directions. :) I came up with ‘genuine’ and ‘spiritual’ quite quickly but was fumbling around for a third one that wasn’t too twee, or so vague as to be meaningless. But I really like Jessica’s suggestion of “united” – I think I’ll be borrowing that!

  • Amy

    What a fabulous post! Two of my words are inspiring and genuine, the third is yet to appear. I love the idea of always keeping these in mind. Thank you for sharing :)

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  • Whitney Jones

    I love this exercise, thank you! I’m now a follower, browsed around your site & blog and have been heavily engaged. Can’t wait to get the new stuff delivered to my inbox. I’m working on my brand words now and will hopefully remember to come back and comment to get feedback!


  • Love this! My 3 are:
    – inspiration
    – vitality
    – possibility

    I’m a stand for women having the deep/true vitality to live their dreams and make a positive difference in the world. Through inspiring them along their wellness journey (including deep-diving with functional medicine to unearth the source of their woes), we create profound vitality which opens up so many possibilities for them. Possibility = freedom. :)

  • Stacy Rush

    Just wanted to say thanks, working on a project now regarding personal branding, your tips, huge help!

  • Nicole Gray

    This is fantastic. Such a great idea. My words -honesty, magic, believe. Cannot wait to put them up on my vision board. Thank you

    • amandagenther

      Hi Nicole! Glad you loved this exercise & LOVE your words.

  • Emily Wignall

    really love this excercise. just starting my own interior design firm and this is so incredibly helpful. i think my brand words are collaborative, simple, and inspiring. i wants my clients to feel like we, together as a team, will create a home that inspires them using a simple approachable process.

    thanks for getting me to really think about this!

    • Amanda Genther

      I LOVE those words! Great choices. Glad you’re loving the exercise.