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My signature design partnership for creative entrepreneurs who are launching an online course or digital product and want to focus on crafting their offer and connecting with their audience — not spend all their time designing.

Launching an online course is a massive job.

There are so many pieces that go into launching a successful program that it’s time to ask yourself, why struggle with trying to design everything yourself, too?
You’ve probably just started putting the plans into place for your upcoming launch, and you’re starting to get a little wide-eyed at all of the things on your to-do list.

(Because if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that as the launch goals go up... so does the workload.)

But you’re not letting that dissuade you.

You’re ready to go big this round.

You’ve run the program a couple of times by now and you know it works.

But you also know it could seriously benefit from a major makeover - What Not To Wear style.

It’s time to hand over your launch copy to me so I can work my magic... and you? Well, you get to relax a little.

How amazing would it feel to have a designer on your side to help you create all of the pages, workbooks, graphics, ads and everything else that a major launch requires?

Imagine how much time that would free up for you.

You could stop stressing so much about what colors to use or falling into the rabbit hole of stock photos and instead focus on crafting your content and creating a killer experience for your soon-to-be students.

That’s what the Launch Design Co-Op is all about.

You provide the copy and I’ll do the rest.

But there’s one important thing you need to know — I don’t just design pretty pages.

I design squeeze pages that convert strangers into subscribers and sales pages that cut through the noise and make your readers pay attention. I design membership sites that increase engagement and workbooks that are screaming to be printed out and put to use.

I believe that good design isn’t just about how it looks on the outside, but also about how it’s converting on the inside.

I created the Launch Design Co-Op to take those important launch pages off your task list and put them onto mine.

The Launch Design Co-Op is perfect for you whether you...

  • are gearing up for the first, second, or twentieth launch of your program and need someone to handle all the design.
  • have an evergreen course or limited time availability course — I’ve worked with both.
  • want to launch with a webinar, video series or email challenge — I can design whichever launch pages you need.
  • need a custom designed membership site or not — I have a couple of packages depending on your budget. 

Let’s get to work.

Depending on what your launch requires, I have two packages to choose from.


Launching an online course, eBook or other digital product, but don't need a custom membership site? This is the package for you! 

This package includes all of the sales pages, graphics and workbooks you'll need to launch and deliver your course.

Essentials + Membership

Launching your signature online course and need a membership site customized to the tee to give your students the most amazing experience ever? This package is the perfect fit.

Here's how it all works.

My process for the Launch Design Co-op service includes 5 steps, depending on which package you choose.
Once you pay for the package you'd like, we'll schedule in your first strategy session to get the project started. You’ll also be added to a private Basecamp project and get instant to a Project Planner doc to start rounding up all of the details for your launch and what we'll be creating.
We'll uncover the unique branding for your offer and I'll finalize the look and feel of your product. By the time step two is complete, you'll have a complete brand style guide including a custom logo and submark, color and font palette and some additional photo and pattern options that compliment your brand.
Next, we'll get started on your squeeze pages for your free lead magnet, webinar or video series you're using to launch your offer. These pages will be the first ones ready to go so you can start collecting leads ASAP.
Then comes the money-maker — the sales page. This page takes the longest, because we want to get it just right. Based on our previous designs, I'll mockup a first draft to make sure we're on the right track. Once you love the direction we're headed in, I'll get to work crafting the rest of the page. In the end, you'll have a ready-to-launch sales page connected to your shopping cart or payment processor.
If you're sticking around for the MEMBERSHIP package, this is when we'll get to work on your custom membership site and PDF designs. Depending on how you want your students to interact with your content, we have lots of tricks up our sleeves for making your membership site a place where customers actually want to hang out.

Here's what's included in each package.

2 x 60 minute strategy sessions with Amanda
Visual Branding ( includes your product logo, brand style guide, custom color and font palette and brand style guide)
Sales Page Design + Development (custom design of a short or long form sales page and up to 2,500 words)
Squeeze Page Design + Development (this page is typically used to deliver a free lead magnet to build your email list before you launch)
Promo Images to share your launch with the internet
OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Video training series sequence (we can design and set up all the pages for you for an additional $500)
Everything in the ESSENTIALS package, plus:
Membership Site Design + Development (this includes up to 7 pages, which typically consist of a login page, dashboard page and module/lesson pages, built on the Divi framework)
Membership Site Setup + Integration (this includes the setting up of 1 membership level, your mailing list integration, connecting your payment processor and testing)
Workbook/PDF Design (up to 120 designed pages)
PowerPoint or Keynote Presentation Template (with up to 7 slide layouts)

Not sure which package is right for you? Need a little bit of both options?

What others have said about working with me.

"Amanda is really, really, really good at what she does. That's why she's one of the only people I trust with my brand and websites, and why she's my creative partner in everything I do.”
Natalie MacNeil
Chieftess of
She Takes on the World Inc.
“Having worked with clients in so many different industries, Amanda has fantastic insight into what works, what doesn't, and she quickly spots the hidden opportunities that can get you more clients with less effort. There's no reason you have to create something new by yourself - get Amanda's help and save yourself months of stress and experimentation.”
Victoria Klein
OBM and Burnout Busting Mentor
at behindthebossmask.com
“Over the years I've collaborated with Amanda on many, many sales pages, and she's a total pro. Her secret superpower is being able to instantly see where to improve your page, hidden opportunities and more. I cannot recommend working with Amanda enough when it comes to sales pages, landing pages or growing your business in general."
Maggie Patterson
Chief Marketing Officer
of Scoop Industries
“Amanda Genther has designed some of the most gorgeous, eye-catching, "I've gotta buy it right now" sales pages to ever strike the interwebs. I'm seriously honored that I get to partner up with her on teaching sales page strategy to entrepreneurs. Frankly, everything I've ever learned about sales page design comes from Amanda. It's silly not to work with her.”
Courtney Johnston
Chief Rule Breaker
at rulebreakersclub.com
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