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I ran across a few images this past week that reminded me of how I want to represent my own brand.

This week I’m inspired by:

• Pops of color
• Green, Purple + White
• Sharpies
• Geometric Shapes

top leftrightbottom leftr illustration

This then reminded me of how my style has changed.

The image on the left represents an image that I would have chosen to express myself about a year ago. The image on the right represents an image that I would choose to express me now.

The biggest surprise for me is how my opinion of color has changed. I used to be drawn to a lot of white and black with little color. If there was color, it would be muted. Now, I can’t stop myself from being drawn to more rich & vibrant colors. My rebrand will definitely show this change of heart. I have a very outspoken personality, and I think these colors do a good job of showing that.

Has your style noticeably changed? Or maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but after reading this post you will?! Tell me!

  • I notice too that the image on the right is also more worn rather than smooth and pristine. Less formally balanced. Have you worked back to suss out what may have influenced the change?

    My style has changed too – not so much over the past year but years. And similar to your change. More colour. Looser. Less “matchy matchy”. More contrast of textures as well. More chalenging to the conventions if that makes any sense.

    I see it in what I am attracted to in photography and artwork as well – more messiness and less “perfection” or tidiness.

    • Amanda Genther

      Yes, good observation! You’re completely right! I think inspiration around me has inspired it, but I think it also is just a personal style change. I used to love muted colors, but I think as I grow I become more in love with bold colors… matches my personality a lot more!

  • Amanda, I too am a lover of geometric shapes and bold colors. But I think it’s a fairly recent development. I would say my style is constantly evolving – I continue to be a huge fan of black and white (and if I could, I would paint all of our hardwood floors white!) However, for the last couple of months I’ve also been going crazy over hot pink :) Your color choices are so pretty – I’m curious to see your rebrand!

    • Amanda Genther

      Thanks Lisa! I’m working so hard to get this right, and I’m going with my gut instinct this time around!