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I just loved the mix of simplicity and bold in these cards. They’ve got the edge painting that gives a very simple design a little extra something.


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I ran across a few images this past week that reminded me of how I want to represent my own brand.

This week I’m inspired by:

• Pops of color
• Green, Purple + White
• Sharpies
• Geometric Shapes

top leftrightbottom leftr illustration

This then reminded me of how my style has changed.

The image on the left represents an image that I would have chosen to express myself about a year ago. The image on the right represents an image that I would choose to express me now.

The biggest surprise for me is how my opinion of color has changed. I used to be drawn to a lot of white and black with little color. If there was color, it would be muted. Now, I can’t stop myself from being drawn to more rich & vibrant colors. My rebrand will definitely show this change of heart. I have a very outspoken personality, and I think these colors do a good job of showing that.

Has your style noticeably changed? Or maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but after reading this post you will?! Tell me!

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As I’m researching inspiration for my redesign, I’m finding myself drawn more and more to punchy colors with natural roots. I’ve always known I have loved the two separately, but not together. I think this research is allowing me to figure myself out a little more than I thought it would.

Here are some more magazine clippings that really stuck with me.



I ran across this image on Pinterest and had to find out where that artwork was from. Turns out it’s from a place called Canvas & Canvas, which curates a gallery of affordable (and limited amounts of) artwork. Each piece from below can be found in the abstract gallery.

Which one is your fave?
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Nature is the Biggest Inspiration for Amanda Genther Design

Nature is the Biggest Inspiration for Amanda Genther Design

I recently got asked to submit a quote to a publication about what inspires my work, creativity and daily life. I knew this answer right away without any hesitation.

Nature Inspiration

The only inspiration I need. I am in love with green plants (fake, because I can’t keep the real ones alive) and pretty flowers. I could furnish my entire apartment with light pine wood (about 75% of my living room already is). I even prefer more natural elements for everyday products, like recycled kraft envelopes instead of plain white ones.

When I saw the new issue of Sister Mag, I was so happy because they have an entire section dedicated to your Garden and their photos were amazing and full of inspiration for me!

What inspires your work?

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I’m busy moving today and setting up the place tomorrow, so things around here might get quiet for a day or two. The best part (for me) about this move is the fact that my office will now have a real live door. Yes, I’m very excited! Here is some inspiration i’m using for my new office. Enjoy!

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coral dress

I love love love this dress. Perfect color, love the back! Love! Would have bought if it wasn’t out of stock!

From here.

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I’ve recently signed on a couple of clients who need new packaging for their business, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with their styles. I’ve been collecting a ton of inspiration lately.

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mountains & calm colors

Happy Monday! I have another inspiration board to share with everyone!

So, do you love this inspiration board as much as I do? I’m obsessed with it, and good for me, the client is, too! The colors of the palette are so calm and soothing, it’s bound to be a relaxing project. Plus, she already has a great design aesthetic.

I can’t wait to share more. Stay tuned!

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the wanderlust shop

How have I not heard of this shop before? I was catching up on blogs last night and happened to stumble across Oh, Hello Friend, who apparently runs three online shops. Can you say, go-getter?

All of her shops are amazingly beautiful. My all-time favorite is The Wanderlust shop. I’ve already added three items to my cart, some things for my office and for my clients. I can’t wait to get them in the mail!

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