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Are you making it easy for people to hire you?

Are there tumbleweeds rolling across your services page?

Are your products moving like molasses off your digital shelf?

A lot of clients come to me because their products and services aren’t selling.

They are usually very experienced and have the skills to perform the service, but nobody seems to be emailing or purchasing.

This can be extremely frustrated, because without sales, you don’t have a business.


I also find that most people aren’t making it easy enough for their perfect clients to hire them. You may think you’re making it easy enough, because it’s obvious to you what they should do next. But, don’t let this way of thinking cause you to lose valuable clients and money.

3 things you can do to make it easy for people to HIRE YOU:

01. Are your services easily accessible on your website?

For example, if you’re a web designer, does your navigation say “DESIGN” or does it say “HIRE ME” or “WORK WITH ME”?

Do you see how the latter two are much more clear and actionable? You are making it easy for your readers and potential clients to say YES to working with you.

Here are a few examples of navigations done right:





HOMEWORK: Take a look at your site and make sure your navigation and structure is CLEAR! Better yet, ask 5 of your dream customers for feedback on your website that aren’t super familiar with it already. Ask them what you could do to make it even more clear. If you’re struggling here, it will help to create a website map to help you understand where you want readers to go next after each page.

I created an exercise just for this step, so if this will help you, you can download the worksheet by clicking here. 

02. Is your new client intake process easy and clear?

Do people know what to do next once they’ve decided that they want to work with you? On your Work With Me page, are you telling them what the next step is?

Please, for the love of all things business, DO NOT just state what you do without a clear call-to-action on what your readers should do next.

For example, staying with the web designer, from your Work With Me page, you should have a CTA that says something like:

“Like what you see & want to work together? Click here (link to new client intake form) to tell me a bit about yourself, your business and this project.”

Here’s my exact client intake process:


HOMEWORK: If your current client intake process isn’t working as well as you hoped it would, switch it up! Try out something new for a week, see if it works any better. No? Switch it again. Keep tweaking until it works the way you need it to. Not sure what you’re doing wrong or what you could do instead? Sign up for a Brand Review. I’ll tell you straight up. 

03. Did you fall for the wildly misleading “build it and they’ll come” myth?

So, you created a new offering, you put up a new page on your website for it and you clearly led them through the steps they should take to hiring you?

But, you didn’t build up any momentum behind the new launch or position your new offering correctly. You’re relying on your website alone to do the selling for you. If only it were that easy, huh?

When people fall into the trap of, “if you build it, they will come”, they’re going to be left disappointed and with an empty bank account.

If you’re excited about your new offering, why should other people be excited about it? If you’re not positioning it as the solution to your perfect client’s biggest frustration, why should they buy it?

Here are a few ways to build up hype for your new offering:

  • Make it a party. Invite people to a special teleseminar or webinar with giveaways (including your new offering) and valuable info.
  • Give your email list a special VIP offer. Think an introductory rate, a discount (I’ve used discounts in the past, but have decided to stay away from them going forward because I don’t want to dilute my brand), up-sells : give them a complimentary hour of 1:1 time with you if they sign up by a certain date, etc.
  • Create a series of blog posts that position your offering as a solution for your perfect clients. Easiest way to do this? Identify your perfect client’s 3 biggest pain points when it comes to your topic and reverse engineer your blog post so that one of the solutions to their pain points is your offering.

HOMEWORK: Pick one of the above ways to build hype for a new or existing offering and DO IT! Or choose your own way. Either way, tell people about it, show people what problems you can help them solve and position the offering as something extremely valuable and exciting.

Are you following all of these steps, but still aren’t seeing the new clients roll in?

The biggest mistake I find is usually within the new client intake process OR a problem with the offering itself.

My business is all about experimentation. I test and test until I find something that works.

For example, for my Sweet Spot Sessions, I found that the process I’m using currently (with the client background summary) was the winner. Before I landed on that client intake process, I had a couple of others that didn’t convert so well.

What’s the only way to know if a different client intake process would work better than the one you’re using now?


Seriously, that’s the only way you’ll know. I wish there was a universal answer for every business, but your perfect clients are custom to you. They’re going to prefer one process over another. Your goal is to identify what that specific process is that makes it extremely easy for them to hire you.

Next week, I’m going to talk about my previous client intake processes and how I landed on the one I currently use. Who knows, one of the processes that didn’t work for me might be your perfect solution!

What’s your take on this topic?

What is one thing that you could do to make it easier for people to hire you?

Leave me a comment below and commit to taking action on what you’ve learned.

Have a question related to one of the tips mentioned above? Leave me a comment so that the entire community can see it. Chances are if one person is wondering, another person it, too!

See you next week.


  • Great advice as always Miss Amanda! Love reading your emails and simple action items! You rock lady!

  • Alyssa Rasul

    Thanks Amanda! I’m about to launch my wellness services and will be sending some last minutes edits to my web designer because of you : ) You’re brilliant!

    • amandagenther

      Glad we caught it just in time :)

  • Angela

    I love that you talked about testing! I feel the only sure thing about business is that it is always evolving… I am starting to find security in knowing my first solution is almost NEVER the one I end up with.

  • jordanmcbride

    FYI, the download link is broken.

    • amandagenther

      Ope! I know why! Should be working now. Thanks for letting me know :)

  • trinidad_pena

    OMG! So helpful! Thanks for this post!

  • This is really resonating with me lately because I’ve been thinking about ways to make my website work better for potential clients.

    I haven’t been able to fully give my website a launch yet, but now that it’s live and I can actually play around with it, I’m already seeing ways I can make it more user friendly and even easier on me. My intake process and my sales pages have been on my mind the past week and I’m going to be making some tweaks to it all in the next few days. Awesome post, Amanda!

  • Oh my gosh, your timing is perfect! Im in the midst of creating new products and had a “what am i doing? No one’s gonna buy this!” moment last night when i went to bed. Today your post is in my inbox! Love the test,test,test advice. If it isnt right the first time, i can change it. I literally sighed when i read this post. Thanks!

  • sian_richardson

    LOVE this post girl. I’m kinda having this problem at the moment! Taken down my portfolio + services page while I get shit straight and work out some new packages etc.

    Thanks for the tips!
    Stay awesome.

    • Amanda Genther

      Glad this helped, @sian_richardson:disqus! I’m loving the stuff you’ve been putting out lately. Would love to collaborate in the future :)

  • Jill Murphy

    Love this! I actually feel like I need help “building hype”…..I still just don’t totally get it, but this is a great start!

  • Alana Scheikowski

    This is so helpful Amanda! Thanks :)

  • Lesley Stefanski

    This is such a simple way of breaking it down. I’ve fallen for the build it they will come method, but it was okay as I was slowly building everything up. However, now I’m ready to experiment and launch it like it’s a party!! Thanks for these tips, I hope to use them very shortly! :)