I’m Amanda — a 20-something creative entrepreneur living in Indiana with my husband and baby boy, helping other creative entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses so they can create a life they love.


When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are only three “shoulds” in my world:

01. Your business should be fun from day one.
02. Your business should serve your tribe.
03. Your business should help you experience more freedom, not less.


That last one is a pretty big deal. Because if your business doesn’t allow you to experience real independence — however you define it — then it’s kinda like a bad, energy-sucking boyfriend.

Not worth your time.


I work to live, not the other way around.


I’m on a mission to help creative women entrepreneurs start and build successful businesses by helping them find clarity around what they do, who they do it for & most importantly… WHY.

I don’t believe in wasting 20 years of your life at a soul-sucking job. I believe in challenging the status-quo and everything we were taught to grow up to be.

I believe that everybody was put on this Earth to be something. To become something.

Here’s to your success,


Other random facts about me…

  • I’m completely obsessed with Friends and fall weather
  • I currently live in Indiana with my husband, baby boy + puppy!
  • I’m an Aquarius and can be sarcastic to a fault
  • I love guilty pleasure reality TV (Real Housewives, anybody? No judging!)
  • I’m a personality test taking junkie. In the Strengths Finder quiz I am: Achiever, Focus, Futuristic, Maximizer and Relator. In the Fascinate quiz I am: Power and Prestige.
  • Here’s a playlist of what I’m currently listening to (outside of my entirely separate 90′s playlist, that is)

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